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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Internet story (iranian version)

Today I want told you a story about iranian Internet .
In the first years we had a good chance that Internet publicize in years of presidency of a reformist president ,so I think at least there was thoughts and visions about benefits of this 21st century Phenomenon . so they are trying to developed it ,in the first years there were filtered only erotic and may some radical political sites.but when Internet Generalized more among people,some narrow minded persons in some part of regime in Iran ask they children to what is "this Internet"?! their children show them and they saw a woman without a a scarf!!!!!!! in an advertisement .
so because they have more power than government they force them to filter more sites.
four years passed and Mr Ahmadinejad elected as president .I remembered when asked him "there is a rumor that you will ban Internet when you elected" .he sneer and told "these are only lies of my enemy .my children and my wife use Internet as source for their scientific research!" Did he lie?
5 month later there was more strict filter (American filter ) ,they even filtered sites like BBC .they also presented a new plan for national Internet ,and that time we found a bad smell , smell of lies and Liquidation of Internet and we found they are against any sharing .they only wanna a sound in society .
and today after 15 month after election their is a confidential letter to all companies which provide ADSL line to iranian .the letter told them they have not no any right to give more than 128 k ADSL line to their costumers .
when we asked them why a restriction of speed ? they told people didn't need more speed ,we thought this limit of speed is enough for you . and when asked them what about e-learning or -banking and etc.
they answered :no problem we provide such service by our national network.

At last a quote from Ministry of communication(link is Persian): in the west they have a reverse manner in filtering in compression with us; they filtered ideological contents epically context who belong to Moslems and Islam but in Iran we only !!!!!! filtered erotic and violence contents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really frightend aboutmy iran's feuture.

PS:sorry if this post is long a little Obscurant


farshad said...

oh God, I need to get a life!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be concerned, not yet scared.
In fact, if the government tried to prohibit me from finding out ANYTHING I'd start being VERY angry.

Probably time for the Iranian people to do another revolution.

Chas said...

Yasser, I thought about you when I heard this news on the radio. Knowledge is power and I assume that the Iranian government wants to keep that power from the people.

I also heard that your petrol for your cars is very cheap to buy and that the government might have to raise prices. That would anger the average Iranian, I bet!
Best Wishes

Matt said...

Yasser, that's untrue with regards to us doing reverse ideological contents here in the States, just fyi. You can find plenty of Islamic websites here. What you can't find is child porn sites, which we do block. Yeah, I heard about the ban on 128kbps ASDL. I'd be ticked man. I like high speed internet. How are the classes?

Anonymous said...

I've worked for 7 years as an IT admin for Wanadoo in The Netherlands, and can tell you that we do not filter at all.

So any claims that internet is censored in The Netherlands or any other Western Country is nonsense !

Maryam said...

Is it true that internet in iran is watched by the government???