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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Do you have a siphon address!? ;)

maybe you heard about new software which released yesterday .

psiphon:a human rights software

it is a software for surfing web freely in censorship countries like Iran with help of other people in outer countries .in the last days they(iranian censors) update their database of banned sites so from today we face more restrictions for visiting sites like wikipedia or feeds on feed burner and youtube or even the site which host pictures of blogger (I couldn't see pictures of my weblog )

so please if you are in free country and have a sufficient connection to Internet please install this software and spread the adrres that the software gives you.

you could email to me (yasget at gmail com) if you have or know a psiphon address!!

please help and let people of countries like Iran or even china to surf Internet and web easily,freely and secure without any fear !



Anonymous said...

I just found out that Iran ban what a sucks! Not fair!!! We need Freedom to speak whatever we think or feel!

Jon Olson

JoeBlogs said...

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Anonymous said...

I like your site. Very good work. As for your writing - it is just fine.

Be well,
~An American Infidel

Anonymous said...

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