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Friday, December 22, 2006

Dictators could died like others

Niyazov passed away .

This man (in the 3 last years )always preoccupied me, .he was symbol of a dictator in my mind even more than Castro in Cuba ,Al-Assad in Syria or friend country! like hosni mubarak in Egypt , Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan , Fahad in KSA* (do you have any schedule about when does president bush wants to bring democracy to friend countries? :)

Turkmenistan is very rich country in natural gas but people suffer from povrty because he was really strange .he forced people read his book ,people even must answer to questions from his book before they could pass an exam for driving licence! ,he send his book to space for aliens ,he named month of year with names of his relatives(his mother.) and more

his death was a shock for me (and for himself!) his death mentioned and remembered to me again even dictators could died very easily and this fact that you never have to forgot hope .

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