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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Viva minimum reform

Again another election in Iran .

in assembly of experts election I could say that there is not no competing between candidates .they choose 145 clerics candidates for us and Iranian must elected about 86 of them as their representatives in assembly of experts(1.6 candidate for every seat!!!!!!!!) .I prefer ignore this as election and democracy but we are anticipating another election
we will vote in city and village council election this Friday. there is about 500,000candidates in all of the country and I think this election is more competitive .

for example in Tehran there is 3 major list of candidates introduced by political factions :

1- supporters of Mr Ahmadinejad (fundamentalists)

2-supporters of mayor of Tehran Ghalibaf ( technocrats conservative )

3-supporters of Mr khatami former reformist president (reformist)

the first list is a little scary the list consist by names of sister and Godchild! of Mr president. so I must ignore this list and I hope other people do the same because we will not to see worse than condition that we experienced today.

but I have more doubt about the 2 next list , naturally I must support list of reformists but I doubt about it because recently I concluded that a conservative but practical team which believes in development could get more result in Iran because the THE POWER in Iran sees them as friend but think about reformists as insiders and spies of foreign governments!

so I think I will vote to a mixture !!! reformists and technocrats conservative

maybe some ask why I wanna vote? especially when more ! newspapers shout down ,more! sites blocks , more books banned to publish and etc.

I thought about it so much and I saw no more choice for myself ,I must vote and encourage others to vote for changing ,because if for another time supporters and ideology of Ahmadinejad could win another election the condition get worse than today .

so we must use our possibility for even a minimum reform in Iran .

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Samuel Arthur Knight said...

You have no idea how inspiring and heartwarming your blog is. As an American who is against President Bush's foreign policies, but, of course, no friend of Ahmadinejad either, I find it so relieving that there are so many like-minded people in Iran, my country's supposed enemy. We are the true representatives of our great nations and it's about time our voices were heard, before it's too late - when we are forced to fight each other, not out of hate but out of the necessity to defend our homes. Let's not let it ever get to that point. Speak out! I will too, my friend!