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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A honorable man!

Mr president went to Amir Kabir university 4 days after the day named "student day " in Iran .he went to Amir Kabir university ,the university that more opposition student study there ,he went to the university only 5 days remain to election ,he allowed student swear to him and ignite his picture in front of himself ,he allowed also TV showed the secnces.
Why? does Ahmadinejad changed ?does he wants hear the voice of his opposition and regime opposition?dose he had dream last night about how nice is a democracy and about benefits of freedom expression ?
In the last presidential election Mr president on TV begin to tell "how his opponents are bad!! they made for him jokes about he never wash himself and how ditrty he is" he told people how much he is a nice guy and he will forgive all the people who Libeled him in election.
yesterday Mr president also said at the end of his speech ! in univercity that he will forgive all the student who swore him and ignited his pictures!!! what nice president?
we are living in a democratic society and only 2 days remain to election!!


Anonymous said...

Well spoken. We in the US are in the same situation that you are in Iran. We are both greatnations, but we have poor leaders at the moment. Bush is not good for the US, and Ahmadinejad is also bad. Both are bad for the world. I hope your elections bring relief and freedom to your country. I have a cousin who was born in Iran, so I really hope that Iran and the US can someday be friends again.

zohreh said...

Dear friend,our lives in iran is like standing on shipwrecks,and it's also like rope_dancing.u should only and only look forward.If u draw your attention to sides u would fall down. sometimes in the past I was making fuss on day's social and political events,now only writing this comment cause your blog is english. now I realise that,having long political discautions with everyone around didn't have any benefit despite I'm just 19. hope you get advantage of thinking and writing about this far as I'm concerned only face changed in our daily apprehension.and these days'face is mr.ahmadinezhad. who knows? who will be the next face?

Anonymous said...

Iran a democracy? Who are you kidding? I have been there twice and it is NOT a democracy. It is a theocratic state that oppresses women. Given a free vote the people would elect a democracy, but they are not allowed to this by the clergy who decide who may be elected. If any Iranian wants to see this oppression in an instantly visible way just do this: leave the country on a plane. Watch what happens when the seatbelt sign goes off. LOTS and LOTS of Iranian women throw off the chador. This is a fact. It can be seen any day on any flight leaving Iran. The Iran govt. is the most hypocritical in the world. My sympathies are with the young people of Iran, especially the women.

Max said...

I just read through your Blog and I have to say, as a Political Science major i enjoyed all of it. I was a little surprised to see so much news and posts on politics but so little on women in your society and how these elections and events affect them. So I have a political question for you: do you think complete equality between men and women can exist under Shari'a law (or do you think equality exists today in Persian culture)?