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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

An answer

I recommend you read comments that people write in my post about reelection of bush. Especially this comment after reading it you find that how Bush and his supporters think. I hope he again come to my weblog and read my answer to him

Jason (who wrote this comment) says:
1-my country founded on internet and allow you to express yourself trough it .I agree that internet founded on in America but don't you think that this claim is not normal especially when you are talking with a person from a country that in your mind is from axis of evil (especially in the beginning of your comments).
2-you wrote "I have seen the millions killed around the world at the hands of communism and socialism" like Hitler and Stalin and moa . "
I only ask you please open your eyes a bit more and see that what is doing bush in Iraq? Definitely today Iraq is not a paradise..
3-you wrote that people decided about Fahrenheit 9/11 with their votes .I agree with you that those that vote to Kerry understand what Michel Moore want say and I hope remain (who elected bush) of American understand his film with sequence of Fahrenheit 9/11!
3-you compared bush with Abraham Lincoln who was a republican too !
it is very clear I have not any idea about it !
4-you wrote "I share Bush’s faith in Freedom. It is the same faith the founders of this country had."
What can I say about it? Bush and his supporters think that they are freedom fighter. Please don't pretend you are not .in the last 100 years page of history are filled with conspiracies of America against nations .is it coupe in Iran against Mossadegh was for freedom or coup in Chile? Freedom in America in these days for people of other country is only a statue!
5-"The President sees the root of the terrorism problem the fact that the people in the Middle East are not free."
Does your president recently found this? What about his father! Any way I am glad that he at least found this in Middle East most of leaders are dictator. Does your president know name of this country or not. I told you .may u want tell to your president: they are 2 group: countries that are your friend and those that are your enemy
Egypt, Jordan .Saudi Arabia and little country beside "Persian gulf" and a lot of more are your friends. Oh I forgot Libya (it recently changed its group)
So why your president still have this dictator friends? why he still supports these friend like other president of united state why he doesn't try change his dictator friends .
I must confess that I can't write so long that you wrote my English is not so good. I think it is enough . I recommend you read this comment too that an American write about your comment. .

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