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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Forever Persian gulf

When in some news sites like BBC I see that they use "gulf" instead of "Persian gulf" I incredibly getting upset for my country, my people and my self.
Because my government hasn't a good aspect in the world and hasn't real friend (is Syria really a friend ?) Arab countries that placed besides Persian gulf they on purpose with their money spread a big lie in the world "ArabIan gulf!
Recently they buy one of biggest non-profit educational and scientific institution in geography to help them for their dirty purpose! National Geographic Society in last printed atlases changed Persian Gulf to ArabIan gulf! "yes they with money bought a educational and scientific institute to changed a historical truth .
but I promised they cannot success because Iran and Iranian are alive and don't allow them to do this even if Iran's government wasn't sensitive
so please condemned National Geographic with sending mail to them or sign this petition


PersianArchitect said...

dear friend,it is such a shame.I wish we could do more, other than sending petitions and e-mails.It is still positive that we mention these matters in our weblogs.

The Persian Gulf said...

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