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Monday, November 15, 2004

Iranian youth

when u see Iranian youth you think that they are active and very happy but when u ask them what's your purpose in life most of them cannot answer to that or its better I say that they don't know any way to get to their purpose
they have only some wishes . But what are their wishes?
I want to have a lot of money .
I want to have power and have strength (really strang!).
I want to be a famous man.
I want to be president
Or if they were more realist they say:
I want to o immigrate from Iran
And strangest purpose.
I want to be a mojahed scientist to eliminate America and Israel!
(yes their purpose are these. not a normal wish like I want to have a good family and live in a secure society in peace).maybe because man are very ambitious their wishes are these like.
anyway when ask them how u want to get to your purpose most of them say I don't know ,I only know that I want to continue my education and I don't give up until I get my PHD .!!!
Most of Iranian wants to continue their education because they don't know any way to spend their life. So it is logic when government cannot makes other ways for future of youth they only extended universities that are more like high school for young people.
p.s: absolutely I am one of Iranian youth.


Anonymous said...

Yasser, I see that you want to emmigrate.Which country would you like to go to. I also see that you want to desroy and Israel and USA. Are you aware that Europe and USA and Israel and Canada, Australia, New Zealand,South Africa and many many more countries are all friends of each other. So why would you want to destroy the country you wish to live in. If you do that you will not get a job or have a happy life. And remember you only have one life in which to be happy.

Anonymous said...

obviously 'anonymous' here didn't read all to well what is stated above. Please try and read again what is says and not want you think you read. All anonymous says is true, but aimed at the wrong person. Lisa

Rosario said...

I just watched a group of Iranian students being interviewed by CNN.
And you, young men and young girls are so beautiful,so smart and with so much potential!! The direction of your lives is in your hands. It will only go where you want it to go, not easy but, eventually you'll succeed.

Anonymous said...

I have kept my fingers crossed for the Iranin youth to take control of their destiny. Other countries have benefited from the emmigration of brilliant people to their country. In the mean time, the USA will wecolme all the great minds from Iran. I do hope some day soon you will be free to think, speak, dress, and believe how you choose. You can't suppress free spirits forever.

rico said...

ur amazing. i have read a lot about iranian, in newspaper here and magazines. although im just 18, id like to read articles about ur lives and other business related things... i think wer on the same a youth here in philipines,
ur great,

gets said...

Great blog!
Good to read other things about Iran than nuclear program and the president's last speech...
Hope to read more and on more issues...
Thank you Yasser and good luck with your life.
Looking forward to reading you again.
Gets, 20
Belgium, Europe

amit Gupt said...

dDear friend
My best wishes are with You all persian youths. I believe that one day you will control your country and make your coutry more beautiful. yo ll creat your country to be a place for freedom,equality and developement with new ideas and thinkings.
All the best from a youth Like you

Dyah Prabaningrum said...

move here, Yasser. you're not the only one.

I'm from Indonesia.

best regards,