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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

they filtered

At the last measures in Iran for filtering internet one of biggest ISP in Tehran filtered it is true they filtered biggest service and site that allow people to express their opinions.So I ask u complain to them about this action with sending emails to this address


Anonymous said...

I am an American and I'm sorry your sites are being filtered. Saying that, I will tell you that I voted for President Bush because he is the better man. True, they did not find WMD, but he was going on the presumption of the UN and many other countries that Iraq had them. He had bad intelligence, but there is not a man alive who knows everything. Its too bad things are going like they are in Iraq. Its hard to know the good people from the bad.If things had went as planned, we would have been out of there by next year. If the terrorists want us out so bad, they should quit doing what they are and give cooperation. We don't want to be there. We want our people home. Hopefully, Iran will quit letting the terrorists use it for a base so that we can get out.
I hope you find freedom to live your life as you wish.

paymane said...

Since a longtime ago MiddleEast has been recognized
as a "stupendous source of strategic importance".
The claim that Iraq has had WMD is so obviously a pretext for imperial offensive mearurs, that doesn't even merit rebuttal. Particularly when the World's most powerful nation has clearly preserved the right not only to have the most frightening weapons of mass destruction but also has clearly stated that he intends to USE THEM,
in a so called "PREEMPTIVE WAR"
incidentally pre-emptive war has been recognized to be a supreme crime in Nuremberg tribunal, and condemened by the Unites States when it was invoked by Japan in WWII.
Considering Iraq to be an imminnent threat to US is laughable beyound belief and can not be taken seriously. particularly when iraq's neighbors felt secured from any threat percieved by Washington and London to be imminent.