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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I forget to say

What I would write for a long time about them :
1- I don’t doubt that behavior of other countries about Iran’s nuclear program is unfair and many of their pleas from Iran is not logical but I also believe Iran’s tactic in facing this crisis ( especially in recants months) is not logical either.
2-I think my comments about people may become like views of a foreign journalists who visit Iran (a kind of exaggeration) so please mention that my views are not involved all the people.


Bushwack said...

Yasser, It is very good to read something from a citizen inside Iran and not the media or politicians. I wonder if you and I could discuss these problems facing our countries and come to a understanding of our cultural differences? And please do not use my writing as a guide to improve yours. my english is worse than yours and I'm an American.
I do support our President. I don't agree with everything that he has done but I understand the underlying reasons for his actions.
could you help me to understand some things that we are seeing in the news lately?
I have a heavy heart, I do not like the feeling of hate that has come over me regarding the religion of Islam, The protests over a cartoon causing death and destruction because of a picture? There has been several articles and pictures that have offended my beliefs and no one was killed or injured over it. as free people we have to get on with life and not dwell on what someone thinks or writes or draws.What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Dear Bushwack.
I am iranian-jewish living in Sweden. The population of Iran is 60 miljon and Theran is around 14 miljon and the demonstrators were around 400. People don't have time for that. They have to work so that they can feed their children and pay their bills. They have bigger problems then stupid cartoons published in a racist country called Denmark.

Individuals make their own history but not under conditions of their own choosing.
Karl Marx

Ali M said...


Calling Denmark a racist country is hard to understant in particular from a jew. You seem to forget that Denmark is a rightous among nations for the behavior of its people and its king during WWII who protected their jewish community from the nazi.

Anonymous said...

I know what happend in Denmark back then. I made a radioprogram about it.

But this "particular from a jew" i don't understand really. Only that you sound very anti-Semite.

Omid Memarian said...

yasser keep up the good work. i think you can express your ideas very well and give a insight perspective about what you expreince... good jon man!

Ali M said...


Using the term "jew" is perfectly acceptable unless you think of the jews negatively.

Ali M

By the way my wife is jewish (and probably my children if they decide to)