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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ideology blinds you

A weblog which cover news and developments about smarra explosion by students from Qom Hawzah .
I really cannot figure out how moslems!? could do such actions? Even he was a Sunni Moslem.
It is hard for me to believe


Stefan said...

Is this Islam? Or Sunni faith? Or what ever? No! That are the sons of hate. This was the shadow from Al Kaida.

That is the future for all people which help them.

Chas said...

I agree with Stefan. Those who destroy the Holy Place are not true followers of your Prophet (PBUH). That being said, I had a muslim here in the USA that Shia are not real muslims!

Ella said...

Samara shrine is holy not only for Shiat but also for Sunni. You assume that the people who did it were Sunnis, but it is not yet clear who did it
You also do not write, or do not know that Al Arabiya correspondent who made picktures during the explosion has been killed and the pictures she made destroyed. The rumour says that she got pictures of two captured iranians who were subsequently set free.

It is only a rumour but there are too many players in this "game" and one of them is Iran, who is not without fault.

brando said...

We already know who did it. Ahmadinejad has told the world. We can stop looking.