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Monday, February 21, 2005


These days held a religious festival in Shiite countries, Ashura. everywhere was black most of people wear black too and mourning in memory of an innocent man who were massacred with few companions in an unfair battle .he was imam Hussein who was symbol of justice and fight against injustice with his few companions although he knew he will killed in this unfair battle .
May u saw pictures from Shia mourning like cutting their head s with swords to emulate suffering of imam (such actions are forbidden in Iran). I know that some of these actions are not civilized but I don’t condemn them because I am sure that they love someone and believe to something. And until we really don’t learn what they believe we cannot understand their mourning.
Some things are that we cannot found them only with our thoughts it s only understood with feeling.
* In this festival also are a lot of things that Are not real and enter by ordinary people in old years.

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Anonymous said...

your english is not bad do have an interesting blog.i feel sorry for you iranians, the situation in your country make most of you so bitter about your own country.i hope things will be better in the future.God bless.