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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Not another revolution

These days are 27th anniversary of revolution in Iran against Shah.
Although its purpose was changed but I am really proud for this revolution because it was against dictatorship (a dictatorship who United state supported it). I admit that people didn’t achieve what really want, Iran revolution after victory have many mistake because people were exited so they were agree with many wrong decision that change fate of Iran .but I think it was better than before, they could freely choose their president (prime minister!)And MPs. (at least until now)
But I don’t want another bloody revolution in Iran cause I am sure all revolutions couldn’t stay on their goals because their goals aren’t practical .in revolution people are exited and without thinking they go with the stream.


Anonymous said...

The irony being if that 'dictatorship' were still around, America would have a MUCH easier time influencing democratic reform. (since you rightly pointed out, they supported it)

Anonymous said...

So true