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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Iraqi style liberation for Iran

Reza Naseri an Iranian blogger wrote a letter to Michael Ledeen and asked him don’t interfere in iran and donot try to prescribe his idiot theories about an Iraqi style “liberation” for Iran .because he and neocons only sabotaged the Iranian "people’s movement toward democracy. ( read here).
But do you know what was answer of Michael Ledeen to him?
“Then don't bother me. Just shut up and spit.”
when ideologist of neocons (that maybe write parts about Iran in state of union speech for bush) his response is this like , more than before I understand meaning of "liberation" that Mr. leeden speaks about it.

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Patrick in Michigan said...

A good neocon doesn't let little things like "facts" or "reality" impinge upon his pet theories. Thus, it shouldn't surprise you when one responds angrily by contradictory statements. Only a completely blithering idiot would somehow think that attacking Iran would somehow strengthen the reformist hand. Unfortunately, that's exactly the sort of idiot the Bush administration wants on their team.