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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Again another earthquake and again people of my country killed by another natural disaster. It is sad. Maybe you know That IRAN is the worst hit country in the world in terms of earthquakes.
and also may you know that Tehran is waiting for a strong quack. for many years (TEHRAN Regularly SHAKE EVERY 130 YEARS BUT THIS TIME 150 YEARS PASSED AND WE STILL WAIT) and maybe one day when you open Google news you will see "Magnitude 9.9 Earthquake Kills 9000000 people in Tehran " and when that day come (that I hope it was never ) this web log never update again ;). but its really exiting that every night you fall asleep on a bomb and next morning when you wake up you must thank god because the bomb didn’t explode for another day
At last I recommend daddy bush (he thinks he is father of the world) that do not waste your weapon and budget for attack to Iran because finally earthquake do what you want to do because we are not important for oue govement.

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