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Monday, February 28, 2005

Master of Cinema

What is going on in academy? They again stole the Oscar of Martin Scorsese. I really do not know what he do to them that they want ignore him but. He cannot be ignoring. Scorsese is by far one of the most influential directors of our time. Shame on the Oscars! They stole all his statue that must gave to him for years.
Are they crazy? Last year they stupidly gave all Oscars to a bullshit film that all of it was full of monster's war. In addition, this year they gave best and best director Oscar to Clint Eastwood I also do not know what Eastwood do that they are so kind with him.). a film that with cheat entered to Oscar race get the best Oscar film("Million Dollar Baby" was originally slated to open next year but at the last minute Warner Bros. decided to release it in time to qualify for Oscars. the film made only in 37 days!!!!!!!!!!!! )
I think members of academy are sufficient for taxi driving instead of choosing best. With these choices more, I understand why American again choose bush

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Patrick in Michigan said...

For my part, I thought that last year's "Return of the King" was excellent. Tolkien's work is well-loved by many, and Peter Jackson did an excellent job of translating it into celluloid. That said, the ROTK sweep last year was more a reward for all three films rather than solely based on the merits of the third film alone.

As for the Oscars this year, I must admit that I have not seen either "Million Dollar Baby", nor have I seen "The Aviator." However, Scorsese's work in the past decade is not as good as his earlier works. Furthermore, Eastwood is well-loved by Hollywood, in no small part because he understands the craft of film from multiple perspectives and because he is exactly the sort of director most film actors want to work with. Eastwood's first Best Picture/Best Director wins (for "Unforgiven") were deserved, and I have no doubt that "Million Dollar Baby" is as good a film as the Academy thinks.

I certainly think that Scorsese will get an Oscar, but it probably won't be until he gets a Lifetime Achievement Award....