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Monday, July 19, 2004

Iran a far away island

Censor in Iran theses days are more than before
They bought a new and powerful software from U.S.A that worth 7 million $ for filtering in internet(I wish they spend this money for providing high speed internet for Iranian instead of this software ).
Now I am understanding why they did not do any thing to bring high speed internet for Iranian .in their ideas internet is a bad thing and disturbing tool that they forgot forbidden it but now they decide to eliminate it .maybe they think internet speed is height in Iran .
They also forbidden using satellite .u as an Iranian has to watch what they want
I think all of u know about closing newspaper in Iran these days. They again closed 2 reformist newspaper last day (VAGHAYEH JOMHOURIAT) .they were new reformist newspaper that they published maximum for only 50 days. Some says these newspapers closed because that did not want reformist news paper can publish nesses about ZAHRA KAZEMI trial.
I think now u can understand that they want preserving us like a “Robinson “in a far island.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

A society with no purpose and hopes

So after years! I come back here .but I donot know write about what. No subject it is interesting for me to writing .I am so depress and nothing is interested me I really need a big event that happen and change my boring life.
I think it is problem of most of Iranian they are so boring and depress and very apathy.
they need excite and happiness and every thing that changed their life .most of Iranian are waking in morning and they go to bed after watching "Noghtehchin" (popular TV show ) .they haven’t any purpose or any hope .at least I haven’t
I have just understood that why in summer rate of suicide goes up. ;)

Friday, July 02, 2004


At last exams are finished and now I am a free man with a lot of bad score that I can! get them In exams. But this isnot important.what is important is that now I have a lot of classic films in hard of my computer that I must watch them. Torn curtain , Cleopatra , the taming of the shrew, taxi driver , cat on a hot tin roof, to kill a mockingbird ,raging bull and …