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Saturday, August 19, 2006

IRAN is the same PERISA

I assume that situation in Iran constantly leave for a long time like today (Iran nuclear program was in UNSC and a war potentially being a big menace for Iran , also a hard liner government be in power, and like 20 years ago Iran have tension with world but everything is still calm ) .with this situation what must be interesting for a foreigner to visit Iran as a tourist.

please remember I assume that everything is calm and there is no war and chaos like Iraq ;)

Iran is among top ten ! countries which have potentially more interesting points in tourism industry,but with all of this Iran has only 0.3% of all money in tourism industry.

And my question :

Q: what must be interesting for a tourist for visiting Iran?

please answer these question and write any obstacle you think is in Iran for foreigner tourist?

I think I could guess some obstacles for foreigner tourist in Iran, for example :

  1. Iran government is very strict in issuing visa for many citizen of "not friendly countries" .
  2. many limitation in Iran (law or culture of Iranians!?) restrict tourist e.g alcoholic drinks are banned in Iran...
  3. many of people especially in western countries only have an illusion vision about Iran
  4. and ...

maybe it was not a relevant post to what happen these days in the world.but I really ask you answer the question and help me complete these list because it is really important for me and especially one of my friends.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

After 100 years…

Today was 100 anniversary of parliament in Iran .100 years ago after lots of demonstrations and objections by Iranian people . finally the king Mozzafar-e-din Shah convinces to sign order of first parliament in Iran (and Asia).
In Iran this movement called as Revolution.
But after about 100 years this question frequently asked in Iran society and among intellectuals: what happen in these 100 years that Iran couldn’t achieve to a complete democracy and free society?
Iranian experienced at least 3 revolutions in these years every time to starting a new course but after a period of time they see there is not all of they wants form their movement which they tried for it.
Maybe revolt is not a good case for achieving what our society expect (what do you think about reform?). Or maybe Iranians only anticipate a paradise just after every movement so they didn’t t support (or supervise) the leaders of movements for a long time so very soon they disappointed and wants to comeback to past (president Ahmadi nejead is Succeeded of reformist president Khatami)
Or maybe leaders betrayed to hopes of Iranians with fighting with each other for more power
And finally maybe Iranian people are not ready yet for a real democracy.
I really didn’t want to close my eyes to all of signs that Iranians obtain in these 100 years in freedom and democracy , frankly I am really glad that I was born in Iran instead of Iraq ,Qatar ,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan. Azerbaijan, Jordan Oman, Cuba, Syria or many others of U.S allies in the world
But I am upset why I couldn’t experience all of democracy !