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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Presidential election-3
They have at least 6 candidates .and its very strange for people because conservatives know very well how hide their arguments and only show that they have unity between themselves but this time their differences become publicly so these day everybody know that they have a big debate for choosing only 1 person from these 6 candidates. But no one predict that they could and its good because their votes broke between their candidates.
ps: I think there is no need I write about principle of conservatives. They are support theocracy and their utopia is a close society for controlling people easily and 1984 is their bible ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Presidential election-2

Who wants be next president of Iran?
They are 2 main group, conservatives who have at least 6 candidates and reformists who have 2 candidates and I’ll try write more about them in next days but what I want to write about is that many people in Iran wants be a president so in registration for candidates there is a long queue from people who wants register and you must not surprised when found your classmate register for being a president.
I know that in a democratic system every citizen have right to candidate him/herself and ask people for vetoing to her/him. But when a baker or butcher wants be president you will be agree with me that again another ring lost.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Managing blogrolling

Finally I managed my blogrolling account and make a tiny list of weblogs. There are tow groups in my tiny list. first group are Iranian bloggers who have weblog in English and second group are weblogs that I found they linked to my weblog. So I linked to them to appreciate them and I think it was clear that I don’t know none of them and maybe my ideas be completely different with them or maybe we were agree for some ideas and principles.

ps: it thought it was important to note this issue because in Iran you always must prove that you are innocent instead that others prove you are guilty so if one they I arrested or accused for my weblog and if they charged me with spying for foreign country maybe this post help me to proving that I am innocent ;).

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Presidential election-1

Iran’s newspaper are full with news about presidential election but among people is a kind of apathy so election is not main subject, (main subject is price of tomato). I think it was very dangerous because when rate of participation be low conservative can easily win election with votes that supporter of regime gives to them. They are at least 15% percent of Iranian society but always participate in every election and every demonstration when regime asks them.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Iran and America border ;)

This big billboard is in Iran Iraq border(or Iran America border ;) where you can easily see Iraqi people that side .

Saturday, April 09, 2005

How much a shaking hand is important?

I start my day with a surprising news " khatami shook hand with Israel president in funeral of pope john Poul II ."
i was really glad that maybe finally they change their narrow mind and decide to begin talks .
but when i saw another news that khatami denied shaking hands , i extremely disappointed .i do-not know which claim is truth .but what is clear is that some shadows are in both side that didn't allow relation between two sides and i cannot really understand why because all i see in this position is anything expect benefit .

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Today i want confess a big secret. i m an addicted and suffer from it like many of other people in Iran . rang of addiction in Iran is very high maybe because we are neighbour of afghanistan .
i decided put this post as "April's fool joke " but because my credit for accessing to internet was ran out so i couldn't .but this confession maybe was true .today many of Iranians youth that live in cities addicted to small cards which have credit to connect to internet by dial up. oh my god my body is painfull.
pls help me;)