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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dear enemy we have enrichment technology ;)

1-Another plane crashed and I think how many people have been killed until now because of American sanctions.
2- Worst ever disaster for media happens in Iran and I think until when we most be on top of news for breaking disaster records.
3-Tehran spends 4 days in holidays not for a celebration only because we every year imported 2.5 billion dollars gas from other countries for our old cars.
And we are still seeking for enemies

Monday, November 14, 2005

Only a sparkle need to light the fire

When my friends suddenly began to complain to everything without any reason I found what these days occurred in France, easily could happen in Iran too. A blind protestation and chaos without any idea behind it and I think leaders of such movements if have any ideology they read them in some books that reject everything, books which belongs to decades before. They will destroy everything, only because they are unsatisfied without any reason and wanna show their protest.
I hope that day never come but if ...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Every Iranian reads 5 minutes in a day

My friend is proud that he is not reading any newspaper and books but if ask him his opinion about parties in Angola he begins to express himself.It is an important fact about Iran’s today .many doesn’t have enough knowledge about what really happen around them and what affect directly in their life, most of them didn’t know they are in a boycott of news and they even satisfy about their current life.These kinds of persons express their opinion about everything that they know nothing about it and surprisingly they resist on their wrong opinion (I know that every one is free for saying his opinions about everything but when a wrong opinion spread in society and something wrong became a believe of people it is really dangerous.)
* I didn’t mean all of people I know many in Iran only can and must think about how they must spend life of their own and their family. It was only my opinion! About some of friends who fortunately were students too.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Mr. President! thinking is good

I know in west everything against Israel and Jewish be censored and is not surprisingly when all condemned Mr. President! For his comments but they are silent when Israel killed Palestinians.
but all of this is not a good reason for Ahmadinejad saying Israel must wiped off the map because when Palestinians and Arabs accept legitimacy of Israel I think it is foolish if leaders in Iran speak about worlds without Israel, they must accept this reality.
They are responsible about people and future of Iran and I don’t think with such words they could made a developing country for people what they promised to them.

Friday, October 21, 2005

We will still continue

BBC NEWS Middle East Iran 'crackdown on foreign films': "Iran's authorities have banned imported films promoting secularism, feminism, unethical behaviour, drug abuse, violence or alcoholism, reports say. "

Thursday, October 20, 2005

lands of caricature

In last 100 Years we import many things from developing lands to be modernizing e.g. university, democracy . . . or even mobile phone, but its prospect is only a caricature of originals.
Maybe because we decided to synchronize everything with our culture but we do not know how we must do it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

No more fine

Maybe you know that Iran is on top of list inmost road accident in the world and as a foreigner when for first time come to Iran the first thing that surprise him/her is driving in streets. So they ( khatami's cabinet) decided increase fine of driving in 3 year continuously for decreasing accidents in Iran.
last level scheduled for next few days but Mr. president ahmadinejad ordered to stop it cause he believe Iranian people are nice and with speaking rate of accidents could be decrease and believed people must be kind with each other so there is no need for more fines and with kindness rate of accident could become negative .
Thanks god for having such kind president.
*I believe culture is most important part for being a good driver and I also think high fines is important to force bad drivers for being a good driver.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Fact

About 30 years before turkey’s economy was about less than half of Iran’s economy but today after 30 years and after sold about 1000 $ billions oil economy of iran is less than of half turkey.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Please first think about your mistakes

They said why educated and intellectual (middle class) people didn’t support their government .why you didn’t defend your government. they said when we(as system) are standing against Europe and US to preserve Iran nuclear peaceful(!)technology achievements why you are silent and only watch what we are doing .they said you must set up a software movement for defend your country, why you don’t write about Iran rights for achieving high technology .why don’t you complain about high technology Apartheid about Iran .
And I think
Maybe they are right but why should Iran stand for 27 years against US for nothing? Or why they lost chances for relation?
Why we are always waiting for a war or sanctions. I am really tired, I want to live as people in other country I want to use best technology in my life but because our leaders standing against US they cannot make chances for their people for a better life.
Why they are not thinking about their mistakes in theses years instead standing?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

How I could be successful?

I decided write a criteria for myself that how i could be success in my life (otherwise I write my advises to myself )
Certainly being success in my view is what I feeling, i mean if only I feel that I am successful is it enough for me so maybe one time when I have
Money I feeling successfully and another time when I am reading a amazing novel!
it is only a feeling
*pls comment that when you feel you are successful and ways that you think it is road to success (pls help me to complete this criteria)
*I think the success and successfully is not exactly word that i want to say anyway i didn’t find the word in English when i was searching my mind .
*i try update this post

1-you have to working hard, if you wake up at 9 of morning and sleep at 10 of the you only achieve nothing in whole of your life
2-if you want to be success you also should studying i don’t mean that you have to studying hard for exams, I mean you must studying hard for what awareness really interesting in it.
3-do not loose any chance in your life because maybe it was that occasion that you waiting for it and it is for changing for your life. But never be so regret for loosing chance because maybe loose another one.
5-never being disappointed because it is a strong poison for your life that could spoil rest of your life
4-always be aware of what happening around you.
5-Shyness and laziness are in inside of me, try beat them because it didn’t allow you to become successes.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mr President goes to new york

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has left for the US on his first foreign trip.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Access to Requested URL is Denied.

Every moment that I face with this ( f..king) error I really felt that I could killed who want take me to heaven with this kind of works.
Why I cannot use useful sites such
orkut , flickr or blogrolling . I am tired that others decide for me that how I must live .
if you can pls help iranian users.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Iran and Katrina hurricane

What is interesting theses days for me in Iran is about how radio and television covered news about Katrina hurricane.
They are insisting in the news that how Bush administration couldn’t help people who suffer from this disaster.
I know that rescue mission was not good in Katrina hurricane. But what they try to say is that if we (as Iran government) face with this kind of disaster we were better.
Anyway I am not forgotten Bam earthquake and I hope never a disaster like Tehran earthquake happen that they want prove their allegation.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

About a minister...

Mr. Ahmadinejad our favorite president and Robin Hood!! of Iranian society finally introduce ministers of his cabinet .
It is a surprisingly cabinet . most of themare from really!! Hardliners and who have experiment in intelligent services of Iran .
For example in the Ministry of Culture and Art (culture and Islamic guidance !) in next 4 years the minister is really terrifying for many of artists and writers.
He was one of major of opposition of reform in 8 years of presidency of Mr. khatami andNow he is minister of ministry which main signals of reform for 8 years were there. Editor of major newspaper of hardliners get his award for his works in last 8 years. if you know idea of Mr. Safarharandi And his friends about culture you more understand what I am talking about . They think always is a enemy behind every problem .so in this sensitive position that related with artists, writers and intellectuals you must agree with me that how dangerous is this theory and persons who believe this theory..

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Starting a new time

photo:Hojat sepahvand

Ahmadai nejad today become president officially for next 4 years

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bring me out from this hell ! pls.

Tehran these days is hot , it is like you are living in a hell .

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


THESE DAYS are ONE OF Hard DAYS OF MY LIFE Maybe for DAMN EXAMNS OR maybe FOR MY thoughts ABOUT future OF IRAN OR future of myself , or maybe for this hot season!
Any way these days i am really depressed and i'm not at all in the mood of writing here .
maybe another time

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

spread it...

Farshid Faraji, an independent Iranian cameraman, who was arrested by the American military forces in Iraq,” is missing. Faraji, who entered Iraq on May 2nd, 2005 with valid visa and proper documents to complete the filming of the documentary, “In Search of Cyrus, the Great,” does not appear on the Red Cross list. While the Red Cross has registered the arrest of Koroush Kar, the producer of the film, there is no information available about Farshid Faraji’s whereabouts.After shooting scenes in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Turkey, Faraji and Kar entered Iraq, in order to film the historical site of Babylon, but lost contact with their families after the first week of entering Iraq.
Koroush Kar contacted his family and notified them that the he and Faraji were arrested on May 19th, 2005. Farshid Faraji’s family, who is gravely concerned about his safety, has not been able to find any information about Farshid from the Red Cross and the Iranian authorities.Iranian filmmakers and advocacy groups are putting pressure on the Iranian government to take appropriate steps to find Farshid Faraji.
We are asking the United States government to provide Fashid’s family with information about their son’s arrest. We believe that while Farshid is being interrogated, his family has the right to know about his status and his whereabouts.Thank you.

People who are concerned about Farshid Faraji and his family

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Saturday, June 25, 2005


when announced that Ahmadi nejad won the election I confess that I were for hours depressed and thought about what happen next.
Any way he is now president with fraud or without it. I hope next 4 years be better than what I think it will be , and again I hope Mr. Ahmadi nejad don’t drop the ladder WHICH he climb from it.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Knowledge

I really suffer when I saw people who have not enough knowledge to analyze what happen in society and politics these days in Iran.
Many of them believe Ahmadinejad as opposition leader! Especially who have fewer facilities for an easy life and suffer from poverty.
so its predictable when they believe lucky mayor when he objected to some injustices relation in governmental system .they think he is right and is a man from god who want execute justice in society.
but they never think that he is belong to some parts of POWER in Iran which many of these kind of injustice is because of them . They are who lost in 1998 election, but today they are changed their old clothes and came with a new suit.
maybe you said I am insulting people because my candidate failed in the damn election but it is a fact in Iranian society. a society with 67 million population has only 1 million newspapers every day or books have maximum 3000 copy , Only 3.5 million access to (low speed) internet and Only media, which is simple to access, is governmental radio and television. With these facts, it natural when ordinary people dose not understand those complicated words that reformist say for people and they never try to simplified their thoughts for people.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bitter votes

I Never think that someday I force to vote for Hashemi because I terrify another one (Ahmadinejad)
These days in Iran people are frightening many scared about what may happen in next days and many wrote letters: "we support Hashemi in second round election only because we want to say NO to fascism.” A big contradiction in Iranian society.
Lucky mayor decided separate women and men from each other in society (like park, taxies, university classes, and elevator) because he wants protect them!
He also dream that will Execute an economic plan that he named it “Islamic economic”. This plan is like what that be in communism countries.
At last, a strange theory that I read somewhere:
With fraud in election, they brought Ahmadinejad for second round as rival of Hashemi Rafsanjani, because if someone like Moeen second round all of people vote for Moeen instead Rafsanjani.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

French presidential election in 2002 repeat in Iran

Birds are spinning on my head. The result is really confusing . election go to second round with Hashemi Rafsanjani (that was predictable) but when i found who is his rival, birds start to spin:
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, mayor of Tehran who is a real extremist conservative.
It is as a nightmare .I really didn't want president of Iran be a man that is like :he never wash himself. And I did not want when in west, claimed that iran support terrorism he was symbol of it.
I will predict in second round, lucky mayor have a more easy challenge with Hashemi Rafsanjani because all supporters of conservatives will vote for him in a big coalition.
At last, I really fell that Iran will be a prison in next months if this ever worst choice became president

Friday, June 17, 2005

I will vote for moeen today but ...

I decided vote for dr.Moeen but last night when I read an article, I really doubted for my imaginations about day after dr.Moeen win election. I know that what Moeen promised people is ideal in theory and make a utopia for Iranians, but in practice do these ideas could be success?

-Do conservatives give up this time or like before resisting against votes?
-Reformists in this last 8 years prove that they are not good manger in although they are good theoretician.
-Is not better if I vote for a pragmatic person that also have good relation with powerful leaders in Iran, someone like Ghalibaf ?
any way and even with these doubts i voted for moeen cause i found his words honestly.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I prefer my president be...

tomorow is day of electiotin and i wish result be more and more like this:
Moeen >> HASHEMI > Ghalibaf
Sean Penn is in Iran as a reporter read letter of his friend who is with him in this amazing journey

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Iran's cities these days cover with posters of candidates .they are smile to people and say: "we will make a different life for you, pls belive us we are changed ,we are not who were before".

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Thanks god. We finally qualified for the 2006 world cup. It was very exiting after the match most of people get out from their homes and wants to be a part of this frenzy celebration. It was like the revolution, which we saw its films in television for yearswith this difference that all of people be in streets not for changing system they were in streets for celebrating a national success even if somewhere this celebration be more like a chaos.

Yesterday match also have other benefits. About 30 women in a civilized movement sit in front doors of stadium and demand and resist on their rights for watching soccer like men in stadium and at last they success again .

Sunday, June 05, 2005

We are waiting for a national celebration

This Wednesday in Tehran will be an important match between Iran football team and Bahrain.
And if we could beat Bahrain for third time in history of FIFA world cups qualify for this biggest football festival.
President Khatami promised that will attend in stadium on Wednesday. We are getting ready for a street celebration and I hope celebration be without any chaos that happened in Iran in such happenings.
I can see a big celebration on Wednesday night.
Please pray for us that we could beat Bahrain (it is very possible and simple) but if we lose the match (that Iranians are professional to do things which are impossible) I predict turn out in election decrease below 20%.
I put a logo in beside of the page to say i will vote for Dr .Moeen.and it said ONLY MOEEN it linked to Nasim . Awebsite from youth who also want vote for Moeen. But if You don’t know Persian don’t click on it.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Why Hashemi become popular among some people in Iran again?

In Iran if you asked people their opinions about Hashemi Rafsanjani, Most of them said: he is ..., he and his relations stole Iran property, and he is godfather of a real mafia.

However, when you asked them: Ok, now which of these candidates you are going to chose as president? many answered: I think I will vote to Hashemi!
I really don’t know why? maybe they think cause Hashemi was one of few man in top level of power in Iran for last 25 years and also he has a independent character in front of supreme leader that is not like other conservative who do what leader order to them . maybe when he again be in executive position it was better than if progressive reformists (that Dr.Moeen reprehensive them ) win election because even if they can success in election they cannot do any thing cause THE power didn’t allow them destroy what they could built for themselves in these years. However, Hashemi is from themselves and is a trusted man so he never betray to them.
Any way nothing it is clear until 17 June, and I hope that day all of predicts will be wrong and Dr.moeen became Iran president for next 4 years.
election84 on flicker

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Resisting against votes

In France when people say No to European constitution the Prime Minster resign and appointed a new prime minister .
why? because people say no to an important referendum that wasn’t so related to government .
but Prime Minster resigned (dismiss) because who are in power found that best reference for understanding what people think is votes that they give not demonstration that government set them up.
but in Iran in 1998 when 70% of people chose reformist president khatami conservatives who have real power not even gave up though they resist against people decision and with appointing extremists and rival of reformist in important place of regime try make problem for reformists and people.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Land of Contradictions

The situation is very complicated in Iran. The Guardian Council (election watchdog) announced on television that Mustafa Moeen had been disqualified for the presidential election but then they reinstated him by order of the supreme leader.
Now some questions are on people's minds:'
Did the supreme leader really not know members of guardian Council (who chose by leader) disqualified most important reformist candidate until he suddenly heard the news on television like other people?
Must Moeen accept qualifying in this way?
Is all of this part of a game to excite people to participate more in the upcoming election?
Iran Votes 2005
thanks someone who correct this post .i know that my writings are full of mistakes and i will be glad if you help me if you tell me my mistakes.
yasget AT gmail DOT com

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Miracle of propaganda

These days you can found real propaganda in Iran television. Every channel is full of ads and programs about uranium enrichment , they told people how is important enrichment and why west want take it back from us!

So after watching these advertisements you found that:

* Enrichment is one of high technologies that Iranian acquired it without any help and our leaders will promise us never give up and....
* we as Iranian feel that Iran with enrichment is one of developing country and I think we will write a letter with millions of signs to ask joining Iran to G8+1!
*They told us we must be ready for any consequence like another war , more sanction or more limitation for Iranian citizens in foreign country
Any way my idea about Iran nuclear program is is still what I wrote here .I think nuclear technology maybe was a high-Tech but without good relation with the world we couldn’t save it or it is more expensive that it cost to save.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tehran book fair

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A place for ...

In Iran every year people wait for Tehran book fair and try to save their money for buying books, the books that only put in personal library and most of them never read. It is a syndrome that people want go to this fair and buy all books that they need in a year so in other days of the year city bookstores are deserted and they try sell more book to people in these days. In the fair also debates about election is every where especially in press section, politicians and who are active in politic talk and try! Answer to questions that people asked them. Every day election become more important than before and now in metro and taxi people have another subject for talking (but price of tomato is still main subject) Anyway these days Tehran fair book is the best choice for candidates to introduce themselves to people.
in picture Hussein Allah Karam top man of an extremist conservative group talks with peopel

Monday, May 09, 2005

Friday, May 06, 2005


Presidential election-4
They emerged as supporters of president khatami when people chose him for the first time with their amazing votes.
Definitely many of them were not real reformist and because in late years being a reformist have benefits they changed their names but some of them really want and try for real democracy in Iran and say less lies and more truth(only maybe).
In election most important candidates of reformist is Dr.Mostafa Moeen and his words are more like what many people of Iran wants.
But media in Iran boycotts him and don’t allow him to introduce himself for people and unfortunately he didn’t have the charisma that president khatami had. So I don’t think that he could success for these reasons.
Anyway I will vote to him because maybe with his presidency meaning of freedom, human right don’t change more in Iran.

Saturday, April 30, 2005


Presidential election-3
They have at least 6 candidates .and its very strange for people because conservatives know very well how hide their arguments and only show that they have unity between themselves but this time their differences become publicly so these day everybody know that they have a big debate for choosing only 1 person from these 6 candidates. But no one predict that they could and its good because their votes broke between their candidates.
ps: I think there is no need I write about principle of conservatives. They are support theocracy and their utopia is a close society for controlling people easily and 1984 is their bible ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Presidential election-2

Who wants be next president of Iran?
They are 2 main group, conservatives who have at least 6 candidates and reformists who have 2 candidates and I’ll try write more about them in next days but what I want to write about is that many people in Iran wants be a president so in registration for candidates there is a long queue from people who wants register and you must not surprised when found your classmate register for being a president.
I know that in a democratic system every citizen have right to candidate him/herself and ask people for vetoing to her/him. But when a baker or butcher wants be president you will be agree with me that again another ring lost.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Managing blogrolling

Finally I managed my blogrolling account and make a tiny list of weblogs. There are tow groups in my tiny list. first group are Iranian bloggers who have weblog in English and second group are weblogs that I found they linked to my weblog. So I linked to them to appreciate them and I think it was clear that I don’t know none of them and maybe my ideas be completely different with them or maybe we were agree for some ideas and principles.

ps: it thought it was important to note this issue because in Iran you always must prove that you are innocent instead that others prove you are guilty so if one they I arrested or accused for my weblog and if they charged me with spying for foreign country maybe this post help me to proving that I am innocent ;).

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Presidential election-1

Iran’s newspaper are full with news about presidential election but among people is a kind of apathy so election is not main subject, (main subject is price of tomato). I think it was very dangerous because when rate of participation be low conservative can easily win election with votes that supporter of regime gives to them. They are at least 15% percent of Iranian society but always participate in every election and every demonstration when regime asks them.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Iran and America border ;)

This big billboard is in Iran Iraq border(or Iran America border ;) where you can easily see Iraqi people that side .

Saturday, April 09, 2005

How much a shaking hand is important?

I start my day with a surprising news " khatami shook hand with Israel president in funeral of pope john Poul II ."
i was really glad that maybe finally they change their narrow mind and decide to begin talks .
but when i saw another news that khatami denied shaking hands , i extremely disappointed .i do-not know which claim is truth .but what is clear is that some shadows are in both side that didn't allow relation between two sides and i cannot really understand why because all i see in this position is anything expect benefit .

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Today i want confess a big secret. i m an addicted and suffer from it like many of other people in Iran . rang of addiction in Iran is very high maybe because we are neighbour of afghanistan .
i decided put this post as "April's fool joke " but because my credit for accessing to internet was ran out so i couldn't .but this confession maybe was true .today many of Iranians youth that live in cities addicted to small cards which have credit to connect to internet by dial up. oh my god my body is painfull.
pls help me;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thanks Beckham family

1.About next tow month we will have an important election in Iran .presidential election .i don't still know that this "election is a real election or like last one only its name is election".
Anyway many candidate start to start them self to people although they still do-not know that guardian consul qualify them or not .(especially reformist candidate).
for example dr.Moeen(most important candidate of reformist) start a weblog .(Persian)
2. last Friday here in Tehran was an important match between Iran and japan form qualification for world cup in 2006 we won the match 2-1 but ...
after the match when people wants leave stadium many of them wounded and killed because packed of population.
Here is Iran
3.holidasys of Nowruooz is near to ended .and i have tomorrow of holidays an important exam but i am not read a word for exam .
4.i am really thankful from Google and Beckham family that bring visitors here and help my weblog to be alive.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Happy Norouz
I don't know how much you know about norouz (Iranian new year) that begins with spring. Persians from thousands years celebrate first day of spring and name it norouz (new day ) and i think it was best choice for starting another new year.
I hope this year was a good year , all peace and without war and violence for all people.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Friday, March 18, 2005

Another world

I was where that I could not describe it. I could not describe what I experienced and felt there. There was another world, a world separate from what we experience in cities, where youth of my country killed with arms that foreign countries gave to Saddam Hussein ((all of you remember those picture in 1982 when Saddam greeting to Rumsfeld.)
I was where that thousands of my people killed for mistakes that others did.
There were modernest cities of Iran that destroyed by a devil who was friend of world those days.
I respect to those martyrs who killed for defend our country.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just for kicks

When you read these words, I am on a trip to south of Iran near borders of Iraq. If I didn’t killed by American soldiers wrongly or if my steps didn’t go on an old mine, I promise when I am coming back I’ll write about it

Monday, March 07, 2005

Polish Cemetery

in World War II Iran was a settling place as well as a highway for tens of thousands of Polish men, women and children moving out of of Russia.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Master of Cinema

What is going on in academy? They again stole the Oscar of Martin Scorsese. I really do not know what he do to them that they want ignore him but. He cannot be ignoring. Scorsese is by far one of the most influential directors of our time. Shame on the Oscars! They stole all his statue that must gave to him for years.
Are they crazy? Last year they stupidly gave all Oscars to a bullshit film that all of it was full of monster's war. In addition, this year they gave best and best director Oscar to Clint Eastwood I also do not know what Eastwood do that they are so kind with him.). a film that with cheat entered to Oscar race get the best Oscar film("Million Dollar Baby" was originally slated to open next year but at the last minute Warner Bros. decided to release it in time to qualify for Oscars. the film made only in 37 days!!!!!!!!!!!! )
I think members of academy are sufficient for taxi driving instead of choosing best. With these choices more, I understand why American again choose bush

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Iraqi style liberation for Iran

Reza Naseri an Iranian blogger wrote a letter to Michael Ledeen and asked him don’t interfere in iran and donot try to prescribe his idiot theories about an Iraqi style “liberation” for Iran .because he and neocons only sabotaged the Iranian "people’s movement toward democracy. ( read here).
But do you know what was answer of Michael Ledeen to him?
“Then don't bother me. Just shut up and spit.”
when ideologist of neocons (that maybe write parts about Iran in state of union speech for bush) his response is this like , more than before I understand meaning of "liberation" that Mr. leeden speaks about it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Again another earthquake and again people of my country killed by another natural disaster. It is sad. Maybe you know That IRAN is the worst hit country in the world in terms of earthquakes.
and also may you know that Tehran is waiting for a strong quack. for many years (TEHRAN Regularly SHAKE EVERY 130 YEARS BUT THIS TIME 150 YEARS PASSED AND WE STILL WAIT) and maybe one day when you open Google news you will see "Magnitude 9.9 Earthquake Kills 9000000 people in Tehran " and when that day come (that I hope it was never ) this web log never update again ;). but its really exiting that every night you fall asleep on a bomb and next morning when you wake up you must thank god because the bomb didn’t explode for another day
At last I recommend daddy bush (he thinks he is father of the world) that do not waste your weapon and budget for attack to Iran because finally earthquake do what you want to do because we are not important for oue govement.

Monday, February 21, 2005


These days held a religious festival in Shiite countries, Ashura. everywhere was black most of people wear black too and mourning in memory of an innocent man who were massacred with few companions in an unfair battle .he was imam Hussein who was symbol of justice and fight against injustice with his few companions although he knew he will killed in this unfair battle .
May u saw pictures from Shia mourning like cutting their head s with swords to emulate suffering of imam (such actions are forbidden in Iran). I know that some of these actions are not civilized but I don’t condemn them because I am sure that they love someone and believe to something. And until we really don’t learn what they believe we cannot understand their mourning.
Some things are that we cannot found them only with our thoughts it s only understood with feeling.
* In this festival also are a lot of things that Are not real and enter by ordinary people in old years.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Not another revolution

These days are 27th anniversary of revolution in Iran against Shah.
Although its purpose was changed but I am really proud for this revolution because it was against dictatorship (a dictatorship who United state supported it). I admit that people didn’t achieve what really want, Iran revolution after victory have many mistake because people were exited so they were agree with many wrong decision that change fate of Iran .but I think it was better than before, they could freely choose their president (prime minister!)And MPs. (at least until now)
But I don’t want another bloody revolution in Iran cause I am sure all revolutions couldn’t stay on their goals because their goals aren’t practical .in revolution people are exited and without thinking they go with the stream.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Does America attack to Iran?

These days in Iranian blogsphere is a discussion about possible attack to Iran ,there are many questions?
Does war is completely a dirty thing or is essential? If America attack to Iran what is duty of an Iranian? Does he must defend his country or must support Americans? and or go to underground of his home and hide? Do Americans bring freedom or bring a rebel country and al-Qaeda with themselves? And many other questions like these.
I really don’t like speak about this subject , so I don’t write my ideas about these question because if I participate in this discussion it’s mean that I agree with America and Bush’s right to do what ever they want?
It’s really strange suddenly Media make a stream and we go with that stream even that stream was only a lie.
link:Iranians for Peace

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Birdman of Alcatraz

He was a prisoner like Robert E. Stroudin(Burt Lancaster ) in Birdman of Alcatraz Maybe he escape from prison and now he had to sell all his birds for ....
-Do you think I have fever? ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ridiculous exams

In season of exams I thinly it is good writing something about final exams in university. Ridiculous exams.
I really don’t understand the reason of these exams when most of students didn’t learn anything during term. Teacher has a notebook that belongs to when he/she was student and in class read it for us and we write without understanding in our paper what he read to reading to next generation of students!
Ok now its time for test.
You stayed awake all the night before exam and try to remember the content of the notebook for only exam. Tomorrow in session of exam you answer what u remembered and finally you pass it with a normal score.
but you have not any idea when ask you this lesson that you passed was about what and if ask you a question (that even was in exam and you answered it correctly) u cannot answer because you forgot what all you learnt for exam.
I think something lost in educational system in Iran maybe only one ring or maybe more than one ring.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Duel

This cinema screen "The Duel". It's about Iran and Iraq war. a film with standards upper than ordinary movies in iran.
the woman hasn't any role in this shot ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Do you know Ghazi (judge!) Morttazavi ?
He is young at last 36 and he isn’t tall( maximum 165 cm).his accent… (i'd rather don't stalk about his accent) . but he is very lucky. I remember him from 10 years ago when he was judge of newspapers court.
After election in 1997 we smelled something like freedom there was a lot of new newspapers with new voices but someday someone had a speech and said that he saw hands of traitors in these new presses.
That night the man of our story can’t sleep, he opened all book law that he had and at last he found a law for 50 years ago. The law allowed government arrest criminal! before they commit a crime!Tomorrow morning Ghazi Mortazavi closed about 100 newspapers and magazine with that law.His award for finding this appropriate law! was choose as top man of judiciary of Tehran. Now he has enough power so he uses it to preserve country from foreigners and spies .he arrested Zahra Kazemi who were a foreigner too! (I think all of you know about her fate)
he arrested journalists and helped them think in solitary prisons about what they done against country so all them thought and found that such devil they been before they were a prisoner! at last trick of Ghazi Mortazavi he ordered to all ISPs to block sites like orkut (because it connect spies to each other) free services for blogging like persianblog (they allowed spies wrote information which they achieve in Iran) blogrolling (because it allowed intelligence services found who spy found new information) and many political! and erotic! popular sites like those and if they didn’t block he will block and shut themselves.
Zahra Kazemi Iranian Canadian journalist who murdered in prison .

Friday, January 07, 2005

A dangerus disaese

Yesterday in our university!!! Was a session to protest to something(for example quality of food or….) students gathered on time to protesting .I admit that it wasn’t serious and important but what was important for me was act and behavior of a student(maybe my friend ):
He attended in session and pretended that he is with students.
but half hour later when he saw a Person from security he told him:” if I was a security I Taught them something that never again want protest to something, I had experience like this in 18 Tir “(public protests in 2000 in Iran )
I know that all of his words are bluff and lies (he was ONLY 15 in 2000) but what is interesting for me is pretending what these day Iranian society suffer from it. he pretended that he is on side that students are and then when he saw his benefits are in danger pretend that he is not with student. Many people are like him in Iran because when you pretend and easily change your skin u can achieve money and power .and i think one who pretend didn’t believe to anything... and for this, it is dangerous because when people without it cannot have a comfortable life all of them try to pretend and then society collapse ...
I don’t know that “pretend” is a suitable word or not but if you found what I want to say and know a suitable word please inform me

Sunday, January 02, 2005

New year ,Maybe new blog

every day I open the notepad and I try to write something but I don’t know why I couldn’t .I couldn’t even write a word in English .I don't know write about what and if I knew I couldn’t write it in English(I think I must have another blog in Persian because some words are that I couldn’t translate them).there were a lot of things that I would write about them:tsunami disaster that exactly occurred one year after bam earthquake or about Mustafa Moeen candidate of reformists! (these days reform is more like a joke in Iranian society) for next presidential election or my terrible situation in university and final exams And..
Anyway I hope I could update here more.
Oh I just forgot it:
Happy New Year