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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Land of Contradictions

The situation is very complicated in Iran. The Guardian Council (election watchdog) announced on television that Mustafa Moeen had been disqualified for the presidential election but then they reinstated him by order of the supreme leader.
Now some questions are on people's minds:'
Did the supreme leader really not know members of guardian Council (who chose by leader) disqualified most important reformist candidate until he suddenly heard the news on television like other people?
Must Moeen accept qualifying in this way?
Is all of this part of a game to excite people to participate more in the upcoming election?
Iran Votes 2005
thanks someone who correct this post .i know that my writings are full of mistakes and i will be glad if you help me if you tell me my mistakes.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Miracle of propaganda

These days you can found real propaganda in Iran television. Every channel is full of ads and programs about uranium enrichment , they told people how is important enrichment and why west want take it back from us!

So after watching these advertisements you found that:

* Enrichment is one of high technologies that Iranian acquired it without any help and our leaders will promise us never give up and....
* we as Iranian feel that Iran with enrichment is one of developing country and I think we will write a letter with millions of signs to ask joining Iran to G8+1!
*They told us we must be ready for any consequence like another war , more sanction or more limitation for Iranian citizens in foreign country
Any way my idea about Iran nuclear program is is still what I wrote here .I think nuclear technology maybe was a high-Tech but without good relation with the world we couldn’t save it or it is more expensive that it cost to save.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tehran book fair

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A place for ...

In Iran every year people wait for Tehran book fair and try to save their money for buying books, the books that only put in personal library and most of them never read. It is a syndrome that people want go to this fair and buy all books that they need in a year so in other days of the year city bookstores are deserted and they try sell more book to people in these days. In the fair also debates about election is every where especially in press section, politicians and who are active in politic talk and try! Answer to questions that people asked them. Every day election become more important than before and now in metro and taxi people have another subject for talking (but price of tomato is still main subject) Anyway these days Tehran fair book is the best choice for candidates to introduce themselves to people.
in picture Hussein Allah Karam top man of an extremist conservative group talks with peopel

Monday, May 09, 2005

Friday, May 06, 2005


Presidential election-4
They emerged as supporters of president khatami when people chose him for the first time with their amazing votes.
Definitely many of them were not real reformist and because in late years being a reformist have benefits they changed their names but some of them really want and try for real democracy in Iran and say less lies and more truth(only maybe).
In election most important candidates of reformist is Dr.Mostafa Moeen and his words are more like what many people of Iran wants.
But media in Iran boycotts him and don’t allow him to introduce himself for people and unfortunately he didn’t have the charisma that president khatami had. So I don’t think that he could success for these reasons.
Anyway I will vote to him because maybe with his presidency meaning of freedom, human right don’t change more in Iran.