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Sunday, December 04, 2011

About attacking UK embassy in Tehran

I was so angry when i heard news about  attacking to UK embassy by people who called themselves Student and it was really shameful as an  Iranian when i  read posts by those occupiers which they published in real time on social networks .
But after i thought more ,i saw  it is not important ,i mean nothing about this government and what they called regime in Iran is no more important for me .I am so reluctant about them and decisions they make which directly or indirectly  affect in my life and let me confess that i even was really glad when i saw  UK response toward what happened for their embassy and i  really expect more  strong diplomatic actions from  EU.
But wait...
 It wasn't true what i have  just write about my feeling for Iran . Iran is important more than everything for me and i am getting upset when i see my country more  isolated day by day and i hope these dark days as soon as possible gone from my country , although i see no bright days in near future and unfortunately we will must expect more hard days in next month :(