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Thursday, June 29, 2006

They want invent wheel again

They speak about new sciences. In many speeches they speak about Nanotechnology, biotechnology and of course nuclear technology! (do they know exactly meaning of these logies?)They claim that because these are new science and because we found importance of these science very soon we could achieve to summit of these science easily and then we will become one of most developing country cause of our achievements.
there is no doubt that Bio and Nano technologies will have an important role in next decades and I must admire at least in biotechnology I am aware of many good project s which descriptive in Iran’s universities.
But there is some vague points for example:
1-Definitely achieving new science needs tools, materials and communication with outer world. But when we separate ourselves from others with all kinds of sanctions we couldn’t evaluate our knowledge and method for our goal.
2- who is responsible for this isolation, Iran or others, we accuse them they restrict us from new science and they accuse that we research in wrong way for making biological and atomic weapons ?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Let me recommended you a book for familiarizing you more with Iranian culture. a book which has positive feedbacks these days in Iranian blog sphere *

Funny in Farsi : A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America

”Funny in Farsi” involve 20 humorous short stories written by an Iranian woman who immigrated to united state with her family when she was 7.
The writer more focus on Iranian immigrant society in united state and problems of adaption from both side (Iranian and American problems to accept each other)
The book also depicted Iranian manner with an excellent satire, for example when I read funny exaggerations of writer about his family and compare them with my life and my relatives my laughter was really out of control.
So I recommended you if you still didn’t read this book, don’t miss it because I am sure you will enjoy from houmor of the book
*Every year in mid of may Persian blog sphere is full of book recommendations because of Tehran book fair.

Friday, June 09, 2006


For these days, we‘ve counted days and months for about eight years. We are eagerly waiting for what we experienced in France 98 world cup.
I remembered the night we won the match against USA; streets were packed with people who celebrated until late midnight
That night Iran’s leaders sent messages and congratulated this winning against Iran’s biggest enemy! But the only thing that was not important for us that night was this kind of views to a national victory. We celebrated only for our first victory in a world cup match.
And after 8 years we are preparing for celebrating our next victories in 2006 .
Another prediction from yasser nostradamus :
we will beat all of our opponents and Final match is between ...
any objection?
First match :
we lost first match (mexic3-1 Iran) , we were grate first half , but because we were played only with 10 players (our 37 years old captain was only walking during match) so we lost the second half ,but we are not disappointed yet because we still have 2 match and our captain (Ali Daei ) injured yesterday (thanks god ;)
Second match:
we lost second match too (Portugal 2-0 Iran) and eliminate from world cup. but we still have another match with Angola and we have only one choice to hope that at least we could defeat Angola .
Third match:
it was a boring match:( (Angola 1-1 Iran)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I am smarter!

Mr. President of Iran gets permission! to write a letter to Mr. president of United States .the letter was fulfill with moral and religious teaches for Bush but beyond the letter I think was an important message to U.S and Europeans.
“We finally conclude that its better we negotiate with you instead speak indirectly with you from your European allies. so we are ready to negotiate”
most of the world expects answer of United States to this request: "They want to negotiate with you why you are hesitating?"

Ok, now it is turn of united stat to act, their response was this: "We are ready to join direct multilateral talks with Iran on its nuclear programme if Tehran suspends disputed nuclear activities. "

Iran for about 2 years when Mr. khatami was president of Iran suspended all its enrichment activities but united state didn’t accept to negotiate directly. but now that Iran halt suspension and its propaganda for Iranian says "we never accept any suspension ", I think it is a good trick to drop the ball in iran 's field but I pessimistically think is also an unfair trick to flee from a diplomatic solution on Iran nuclear dispute .

My predictions:
Iran will not accept 5+1 incentive proposal simply .but I also predict in next few month Iran and US finally seat on one desk! (Sorry if the sentence is wrong!) and negotiate after about 30 years .