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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Because Oil is in middle east

somewhere I read that U.S try to assassinate Fidel Castro for more than 600 times .but I never see any news or article or even a hearsay about assignation of Kim Jong-il.

it is really strange for me because this mad man and his father ruined fate a nation(tow nation!) for about 50 years more than any dictator in the world .

in other tyrannies Anyhow at least you could see some aspects of democracy and welfare,but in north Korea you could only see starvation .

so with all of this I wondered why united state attacked to Iraq for finding WMD or try to assassinate Fidel Castro or even why west try to put Iran under pressure for give up instead north Korea as first choice.

why America never focus on Pyongyang.we only hear about north Korea in news when new tests on missile or atomic bomb occur Otherwise there is no news , about people who live there in worst condition in a really real dictatorship. (I never were there but I am sure they are poorest people among people of Cuba ,Syria ,Libya, Iraq or ... )


PS: television of Iran cover news about north Korea especially after recently atomic bomb very interesting ,they reported about a big ceremony by people of north Korea in Pyongyang to appreciated! their Leader .

iran television try to promote him as a big leader for his nation! I really don't know why? maybe they are trying to tell us something! ;)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dangerous iranians!

Maybe it was interesting for you to know that people who live in Iran couldn't download any Google softwares such picasa,Google earth ,Google SketchUp ,... or even Google toolbar for firefox!

Maybe you asked why?

U.S sanction Iran for 27 years ( I am 23years old) and because Google is an American company it shouldn't allow to dangerous Iranians to use its software because...

  • maybe we use picasa to mange pictures of our nuclear bombs .

  • we couldn't use Google toolbar because we may search on Internet "how I could made a bomb?"

  • or maybe we use Google SketchUp to simulate our dangerous nuclear sites in Natanz in 3D.

  • or using Google earth as a tool to see how we could nuke Israel? (we are trying achieve nuclear bombs because we are Iranians and our president is Ahmadinejad!)

what do they think about Iranians that they didn't allow us to use some free software that could be help people to educate their knowledge and thoughts .


P.S:iranian people are suspicious by both sides .government suspect us as a spy or comrade of west and we are suspected by people of outer world!! as an dangerous iranian.

believe me ,it is hard to live in such condition!