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Friday, March 24, 2006

A picture

one of my pictures from south

In my journey to south of Iran I was with some guys who were real symbols of supporters of Iran's regime.( maybe you heard about Basiji) .they want be like people who fight with Iraqis in last years. They wear like them ,they have beards like those and they are trying being as kind as those people.
Maybe I was an insider among them because we have many diffraction in our beliefs but we were good friends all the journey (they never found my ideas. ;)
I also must confess many of them are smart and intelligent persons, they were aware of world conditions and many of their analysis about world and Iran nuclear dispute were really interesting for me .
*But I also must said I faced with some persons who were really ignorant about what is going on around them.
For example one of them did not know differentiation between Security Council and board of governors but he argued with me that nuclear technology in any condition is Iran absolute right.(I even think he did not know differentiation of IAEA with FAO or UNESCO).
Or another one told me why we must connect to internet through Dubai! *In Iran number of dial up lines begins with 971 that is also is world code of UAE so he thought we dial Dubai when we want connect to internet (he exactly mean this, not another reasons like Iran ,UAE optic fiber line )
So such people like them in the journey frequently asked us to pray that god perish America and Israel.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Detesting war; I want to live in peace

Persian New Year is nearing, so the streets are filled with people shopping for new clothes, fruits and other delicious foods.They are reluctant to think about what is waiting for them in the coming year. Maybe next year everything will remain the same as today and yesterday... or maybe war, long queues (due of sanctions), the death of children (due to undernourishment caused by sanctions), and warning sirens (from missile attacks) are expecting us in the New Year.

I forgot that next year the World Cup is also waiting for us ;)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

In possible war Do and How I must be as brave as those?

Iran nuclear dispute sent to Security Council and I am going to south Iran for the second time where Iran -Iraq war occurred there. They speak and show us how young people like us in 20 years ago with courage fight with enemy and we must influenced on their speeches and … on the way to back home maybe many of us are thinking how we must to be as brave as those (about 1,000,000) martyrs in the new possible war.
ps:i really respect who defended my country from sinister army of saddam .
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