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Sunday, April 23, 2006

All of us are responsible to prevent a new war

These days I see many articles and posts on blogs and even many videos about possible attack to Iran.
I really don’t understand why a new war is amazing for you (me?) .all of us knew about consequences of war.
so what ? Are you missed for moments that you sat on your couch and while drank your hot coffee and watch CNN which covered crossing of coalition soldier through desert?
Are you missed?
I guess many people in the west never heard horrible sound of a missile when it explode .
but me and my generation heard its sound when we were only between 2 or 3 . we’ve learned counting because we must count explosions to found when Iraqi fight planes exhausted form dead full bombs or you never being worry about does last explosion hurt any relative or not ?

So please only once go and only heard a real explosion then begin to predict dose we must attack or not? Or maybe when you heard the sound you conclude that must join to an anti war movement.
I think everybody who didn’t try to refrain a war is responsible for all lives in the war.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ordinary man wants to be different

Favorites of mine of characters are persons like Dustin Huffman in Rain man Or characters of J. D. Salinger like Holden Caulfield and Glass Family. The geniuses with IQ more than ordinary people, who found vain of many subjects and interests in the world and suffer form Hypocrisy in their society .
I think smart characters are adorable by everyone because all of us assume that we are intelligent and genius.
But today I want to admitted that after 23 years I found I am not genius ,I am like you with normal IQ (sorry Einstein) or you are like me ,ordinary man.
what about my EI* ?
But I also wish to be different with others. But how I could be when my IQ is like others? Maybe being jolly makes difference or Seclusion or even being clumsy (ordinary man did not want to be clumsy)...
So what makes differences? Thinking like nobody?
*These days Emotional intelligence really takes my time, i think about it and its affect on my life for many hours)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When Mr. President fooled me!

This morning
All newspaper published : "very good news about nuclear program for Iranians in coming days" Mr. Ahmadinejad says.
i was glad and thought that finally everything will be ok and negotiations with u3 finally wrap up in a win-win condition.
Thanks Mr. President you avoid a war cause of a future of Iran you will be as a hero in history.
it is a big ceremony, all official gather in a big salon to hear good news from Mr. president. All channels of national TV (how painful is living in a country with only governmental and restricted media?) and radios cut their programs and show this historical (they said) ceremony live.
“I officially announce tonight that we could enriched uranium until 3.5 percent so from now we are 8th member of nuclear club” Mr. President said

What? It was your very good news, but what about deadline of Security Council .don’t you have any good news about it. Maybe enrichment of uranium was important for many people but a modern Iran in peace , good relationship with the entire world and no tension is more important for me.
Why we must always be in tension in iran?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

We prayed , they closed heaven doors

After years I decided experienced climbing mountain what many people in holidays experienced it in Iran, but a horrid fate anticipating us.

All member of our small group were purely 100% armature due to we decided climbed to highest point of the tough mountain!

but suddenly everything changed to white and only when i closed my eyes i saw another color ( black) , for about half of hour we confined in a heavy snowstorm with thunder and lighting in the highest mountain of Tehran .snow covered footsteps of mountaineers so even we don’t know through which way we must go. Those moments I think all of us found a supreme power in my minds so we walked and asked him/her to survive us.

So dark cloud ceased dropping his harvest to us and we survived.

*One of member of our group suddenly slides down on the rigid rock but ...

Don’t worry everything is ok (thanks god).

*we walked continually for about 11 hours.

*I am regret that why I did not take more picture of those moments (maybe because my hands were frozen)

*I wrote this post to record this memorable day and to remember always this fact that I have a god.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cute monster has new weapons

*United stat is the first and only country which used atomic bombs in a war.
*Army of United stat used one of its colorful agents in Vietnam War so even these days many of people suffer from this monster-making agent.
*Depleted uranium which used in American bullets is factor of many cancers in Iraq.
*I also heard many terrifying stories about army's labs in u.s.

So how people of world s must believe U.S President who claims he sends American soldiers to other countries for fighting with terrorists and free others from tyrannies.

The fact that United States is the biggest threat to humanity now, is something we all brush under the carpet. from ARTICLE: Of Iran, bombs and geography