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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Symbol of Tehran

Symbol of Tehran built before of revolution as Shahyad(memory of Shah or king) square and now we know it as azadi (freedom) square.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yalda Night

Iranian celebrated last night of fall on December 21st as longest night of year from before of Islam and we still celebrate Yalta night.(read more)
Iranian family gather this night, stay awake until late night ,have dry fruit and seed, special feast(maybe fish and rice) and talks about everything and listen to stories that grand fathers told (I think this days swap with popular TV shows).
Iranian for thousand years celebrate these nights as one of many special occasions that they had like Norooz, Mehregan, and... but today we only celebrate this night and Norooz (Iranian new year) as a Iranian tradition.
I hope at least these tow Iranian occasion (which are still alive) don't forget with western occasions like valentine and Halloween. (Valentine became very popular among youth in Iran these years)
you can see some cartoon about Yalda Night here

Sunday, December 19, 2004

And other things ...

My weblog are getting too politically (or what I called it politic) and I don't like it. I want to talk about myself and my society because me and my society is not only politic (but for me it is a important part ). I want talk about other tings like: cinema and movies,books and..
So i try writing more about these things
This is my mail if you want contact with me.
Yasget at gmail dot com

Friday, December 17, 2004

America ,Iran and WTO

America for 20th was disagree with request of Iran for joining WTO but was agree with request of Afghanistan and Iraq. it is clear that economy of Iran is more better these occupied countries. so what is problem ?until when we must tolerance this kind of discriminatory treatments with countries and people of countries ?(do you know that America didn't allow Shirin Ebadi winner of noble prize to publish his book in united state)
it is a reality that America is strongest in the world and it is completely stupidly if you think u can haven't relation with America and think Europe is a good alternative .But Iran leaders unfortunately think that they could.
Absolutely I am not agree relation such Arab countries have with America .I don't like American reform that is in great middle east plan .it is a big joke if America wants reform in countries that were for decades in hands of dictators who were friends of united state. But I believe that Iran must have talks and independent relation with all countries in the world (especially strongest) because they lost chances if they only speaks with each others trough Swiss and Pakistan embassies!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A predictor

Oh my god I cannot believe it .the book describe exactly what i experience here.
Somewhere I read that George Orwell wrote this book against soviet. But I think all dictators read it before making their country

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Thursday, December 09, 2004

My president

May you heard about speech of president khatami in Tehran University in the last year of his presidency. Students blamed khatami for giving up what he promised to people that elected him twice. But I don't think students really protest to khatami they protest the person who didn't allow khatami do what he promised but because character of khatami is unique they protested to him instead of other who they couldn' cann't imagine like this session with other person that have power in Iran .Any way khatami is still my favorite president and I rely on him.
Iran TV show this session with a lot of censored .they censored speech of students that complain to conservatives but show speech of preventive of basij!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Magic prisons

Some journalists that be active on net arrested by Iran judiciary 3 month ago many people and NGO complain to this arresting. Now after about 3 month most of them released .but what is interesting is that when all of them released Fars news agency (who belongs to judiciary) published a letter with their signs I am very sorry that I cannot translate these pure satire
Prisons in Iran are really strange, you enter as an opposition of regime and after 3 month you came out as a supporter. You publish a letter and ask people and leader forgive you and thanks who keep you in prison for 3 month to force you think about what did you do and treat with Islamic behavior! with you. And at last of your letter you swear to your friends who try to release you and ask them please never support you again to release you from prison because Iran magic prisons are a good place fro thinking about your past and found that why you be a spy!.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Some of Iranian opposition that many of them at least for a period of time were in prisons of Islamic! Republic! Put a website on the net and asking Iranian to sign a petition for changing of Iran constitution. It's a good idea for showing that people want reform in new Iran they didn't want more dictatorship in 21st century. So please go and read and if you are agree with it sign the petition.
Personally I don't sign it .maybe because of fear or laziness or because...(Paradox!)

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Iran is in hands of men like this man. mullahs (clerics) ,but those who have power never use a public bus.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

An answer

I recommend you read comments that people write in my post about reelection of bush. Especially this comment after reading it you find that how Bush and his supporters think. I hope he again come to my weblog and read my answer to him

Jason (who wrote this comment) says:
1-my country founded on internet and allow you to express yourself trough it .I agree that internet founded on in America but don't you think that this claim is not normal especially when you are talking with a person from a country that in your mind is from axis of evil (especially in the beginning of your comments).
2-you wrote "I have seen the millions killed around the world at the hands of communism and socialism" like Hitler and Stalin and moa . "
I only ask you please open your eyes a bit more and see that what is doing bush in Iraq? Definitely today Iraq is not a paradise..
3-you wrote that people decided about Fahrenheit 9/11 with their votes .I agree with you that those that vote to Kerry understand what Michel Moore want say and I hope remain (who elected bush) of American understand his film with sequence of Fahrenheit 9/11!
3-you compared bush with Abraham Lincoln who was a republican too !
it is very clear I have not any idea about it !
4-you wrote "I share Bush’s faith in Freedom. It is the same faith the founders of this country had."
What can I say about it? Bush and his supporters think that they are freedom fighter. Please don't pretend you are not .in the last 100 years page of history are filled with conspiracies of America against nations .is it coupe in Iran against Mossadegh was for freedom or coup in Chile? Freedom in America in these days for people of other country is only a statue!
5-"The President sees the root of the terrorism problem the fact that the people in the Middle East are not free."
Does your president recently found this? What about his father! Any way I am glad that he at least found this in Middle East most of leaders are dictator. Does your president know name of this country or not. I told you .may u want tell to your president: they are 2 group: countries that are your friend and those that are your enemy
Egypt, Jordan .Saudi Arabia and little country beside "Persian gulf" and a lot of more are your friends. Oh I forgot Libya (it recently changed its group)
So why your president still have this dictator friends? why he still supports these friend like other president of united state why he doesn't try change his dictator friends .
I must confess that I can't write so long that you wrote my English is not so good. I think it is enough . I recommend you read this comment too that an American write about your comment. .

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Forever Persian gulf

When in some news sites like BBC I see that they use "gulf" instead of "Persian gulf" I incredibly getting upset for my country, my people and my self.
Because my government hasn't a good aspect in the world and hasn't real friend (is Syria really a friend ?) Arab countries that placed besides Persian gulf they on purpose with their money spread a big lie in the world "ArabIan gulf!
Recently they buy one of biggest non-profit educational and scientific institution in geography to help them for their dirty purpose! National Geographic Society in last printed atlases changed Persian Gulf to ArabIan gulf! "yes they with money bought a educational and scientific institute to changed a historical truth .
but I promised they cannot success because Iran and Iranian are alive and don't allow them to do this even if Iran's government wasn't sensitive
so please condemned National Geographic with sending mail to them or sign this petition

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Our new pyramids parliament

this is a new pyramids! and also new building of parliament in Tehran. I really don't understand the reason that why they build a new parliament maybe because old building was red and this is green!*.
Iran MPs start (they chose in an election that all of reformists disqualified.) From today their work in this new building with complain to Iran and EU contract about Iran nuclear program.
*Green is a sign and official color of Islam
** I agree with you that this picture hasn't a good view, sorry

Monday, November 15, 2004

Iranian youth

when u see Iranian youth you think that they are active and very happy but when u ask them what's your purpose in life most of them cannot answer to that or its better I say that they don't know any way to get to their purpose
they have only some wishes . But what are their wishes?
I want to have a lot of money .
I want to have power and have strength (really strang!).
I want to be a famous man.
I want to be president
Or if they were more realist they say:
I want to o immigrate from Iran
And strangest purpose.
I want to be a mojahed scientist to eliminate America and Israel!
(yes their purpose are these. not a normal wish like I want to have a good family and live in a secure society in peace).maybe because man are very ambitious their wishes are these like.
anyway when ask them how u want to get to your purpose most of them say I don't know ,I only know that I want to continue my education and I don't give up until I get my PHD .!!!
Most of Iranian wants to continue their education because they don't know any way to spend their life. So it is logic when government cannot makes other ways for future of youth they only extended universities that are more like high school for young people.
p.s: absolutely I am one of Iranian youth.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Arafat: Hero or Traitor

RAN. Tehran. February 1979. Yasser ARAFAT, leader of the PLO, seated among the highest religious dignitaries of the newly victorious revolution

At least they announced yasser Arafat is died. from when I was a little child I knew him as a great man(maybe because my name was like him)but I must confess that I don't know him really good now so I cannot say that he was a dictator or a grate leader for Palestinians people.
relation between yasser Arafat and Iran government (definitely Islamic government)is really interesting : A few hours after revolution in Iran yasser Arafat was special guest of leader of revolution ayatollah Khomeini. He was a hero for revolutionary people .they gave him lot money .
But when he changed his manner and gave up fighting against Israel and knew Israel as a legal country he became as traitor for Iran government.
Yesser Arafat wished peace in his motherland so gave up fighting (was he successful?) But Iran still stands on its strict slogans Against Israel and Zionists.
Any way yasser Arafat died and god bless him

Thursday, November 04, 2004

we must endure him for another 4 years

Ok. Unfortunately bush again elected as president of united state (or exactly for the first time ;).I really don't understand who Americans that elect bush. I don't think that bush has any special character to be leader of most important country in the world. He fights against virtual enemy .he attack to countries to find WMD .but he lost America enemies in mountain and didn't find WMD in occupied country. he only achieves a country with chaos and a lot of rebels. Any way we must endure him for another 4 years and I wish he will not search to find WMD in another country
ps:Tonight Iran television showed best documentary of year? Yes, Fahrenheit 9/11. (I think it was for the first time that a television show it)
Any way after watching this film I see a lot of new things about this mad man. He only thinks about money and family benefit and oil. I am sorry but i must again say that it was really silly elected him for second time.
And at last :
How we endure him for another 4 years?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

they filtered

At the last measures in Iran for filtering internet one of biggest ISP in Tehran filtered it is true they filtered biggest service and site that allow people to express their opinions.So I ask u complain to them about this action with sending emails to this address

They changed their roles

25 years ago at a day like today Iranian students that were against capitalism attack to united state embassy in Tehran and kidnapped American diplomats and citizens .and I think it was the only kidnapping in the history that support with a nation and government. Imam Khomeini called it second revolution .and they named America embassy as a spy after 25 years most of those students don't defend what they done and most of them known as reformist in Iran .but those who haven't play any role and even condemned that action(they said its better we attack and take soviet embassy ) now defend it (today conservatives) .Yes years goes and people changed with the world.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Tehran subway

Here is one of the stations of Tehran subway .they wants keep it clean and They can success but there is a problem.Trains run every 15 minutes so they are always full up and crowded..

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Iran's nuclear program: how much does it cost for iran?

What do u think about Iran's nuclear program? do u think that Iran wants acquire nuclear weapon or u believe what Iranian official say that Iran only wants nuclear power.
Do u think that Iran is being discriminated or not?
u can see here that most Iranian think that western countries don't want accept Iran rights to have nuclear technology
If you see their incentives offers you found it really unfair. They offer if you give up your enrichment we identify "Mojahedin" as a terrorist group but didn't they are a legally group that try to free Iran! U can find more paradox like in their offers

I know Iran isn't a reliable country for west but west is not reliable for Iran too.
But why? Why they aren't relying on each other. Why Iran s policy is against U.S policy? I cannot see benefits of this policy? 25 years ago occurs a revolution with these words "not west ,not east ".maybe these in theory were beautiful words but in practice I don't think with these words u can direct your country to a modernized country.
They stand against you .they don't allow u to have nuclear technology, they even don't sell u ordinary plane that only transfer passenger .
they don't allow you… .

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Which one is better kerry or Bush ?

Which one of these 2 American nomination is better for Iranians and Iran .
I remember from the first president of united stat that I identifed him (that was Ronald Reagan ) Iranians want in election resident president changed and always support opponent of president. it wasn't important that he was a republican or a democrat.
now most ordinary people in Iran hope that Kerry will elect as president cause they see Bush behavior against Iran but they don't experience Kerry. And if Kerry elect 2 years later I can guess that they start praying for next election to change president kerry.
Yes they don't know what is truth about Iran and U.S

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Selling Melons

These men are selling melons .they come to yur alleys and shouting for invite u to buy from them .they modernized in these years because they sold their melons with cart and horse before!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


In the tow last month a man appear on a SATLIHT TV and said that i will freed IRAN and u from mullahs on the 1st october.
he siad that i come in this day that iran is a free country and land becouse of my supernatural power and we all dancing and celebrate on this day in shahyad (azadi)square he cliamed that he has supernatural power wich he released russian from comunist an d destroy berlin wall with that .
so with this claim ranian s waiting for him
but on the 1st of october he agian appoear on the tv and said sorry i canot come coust if i come! they killed me
We live in Iran

Friday, September 24, 2004

For the 15th time

Tomorrow again for the first time on this educational year I must go to university and sit again on those tough chairs. For years I experience this day and tomorrow is for 15th time. This 2 last years were more disgusting all year .I think u know why it is most disgusting?
Yes because AZAD university
I wish the 16 Th year as soon as possible come until I can release myself from this prison. Amen
God bless and help me for this 2 years

Monday, September 20, 2004

IRIB vs. Google

Yesterday IRIB (Iran TV) show a strange report about Google .it was strange but was silly too.
The reporter said that Google have strong connection and relation with intelligence services .these are reasons for this allegation:
It said Gmail is an expensive service but it is free so it means CIA is behind it.
At the last and the most funny reason the reporter siad that recently Google got rid of his advertisement on blogspot so CIA increases its budget.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tehran public buses

Tehran public buses are always busy but not this time.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

jordan royal family and godfather of iranian football

ok at last iran football team can beat jordan team in amman. it was one of exiting footbal match that i have seen these days .
espically when u know that iran have only 10 player in every match because our capitan(ali daei) is only a scarecrow. he is 36 but because he is a godfather and belong to mafia family nobody can protest to him.
jordan royal family were in stadium and this make wining this match more delicious. (i think u be agree with me that this family are agent of CIA)
sorry it was a bad sbject to starting agian in my wseblog.
i try update here more regularly.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Modern Tehran with his modern Car Peykan.

Peykan is our national car. A pure Iranian car. I think it was 50s decade .but it still produce in Iran .peykan isn't only a vehicle .it is a tool for many Iranian family that they spend days and earn money with it.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Iran a far away island

Censor in Iran theses days are more than before
They bought a new and powerful software from U.S.A that worth 7 million $ for filtering in internet(I wish they spend this money for providing high speed internet for Iranian instead of this software ).
Now I am understanding why they did not do any thing to bring high speed internet for Iranian .in their ideas internet is a bad thing and disturbing tool that they forgot forbidden it but now they decide to eliminate it .maybe they think internet speed is height in Iran .
They also forbidden using satellite .u as an Iranian has to watch what they want
I think all of u know about closing newspaper in Iran these days. They again closed 2 reformist newspaper last day (VAGHAYEH JOMHOURIAT) .they were new reformist newspaper that they published maximum for only 50 days. Some says these newspapers closed because that did not want reformist news paper can publish nesses about ZAHRA KAZEMI trial.
I think now u can understand that they want preserving us like a “Robinson “in a far island.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

A society with no purpose and hopes

So after years! I come back here .but I donot know write about what. No subject it is interesting for me to writing .I am so depress and nothing is interested me I really need a big event that happen and change my boring life.
I think it is problem of most of Iranian they are so boring and depress and very apathy.
they need excite and happiness and every thing that changed their life .most of Iranian are waking in morning and they go to bed after watching "Noghtehchin" (popular TV show ) .they haven’t any purpose or any hope .at least I haven’t
I have just understood that why in summer rate of suicide goes up. ;)

Friday, July 02, 2004


At last exams are finished and now I am a free man with a lot of bad score that I can! get them In exams. But this isnot important.what is important is that now I have a lot of classic films in hard of my computer that I must watch them. Torn curtain , Cleopatra , the taming of the shrew, taxi driver , cat on a hot tin roof, to kill a mockingbird ,raging bull and …

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Mathematic as hell

I am so sad and angry because for the second time I couldn’t pass math exam. .mathematic is the worst things in the world and I cannot free myself from it. I hope a miracle rescue me. I wish today was yesterday and I can again write answers of questions of exam. Because this time I know the answers.
Yesterday after that horrible exam when I open my inbox I saw that somebody sent for me a gmail invition. It was good for me to forget the exam.
Gmail is incredible and is not like a web-base mail it is so fast, faster than outlook. Anyway now I have a gmail account
Yasget at gmail dot com

Monday, June 14, 2004

All English cried like Romeo

Victoria Beckham comforts her son Romeo during England's Group B Euro 2004 soccer match against France at the Luz Stadium in Lisbon June 13, 2004. David Beckham missed a penalty in England's 2-1 loss to France. REUTERS/Darren Staples

Wow .it was the best football match that I ever seen because I love France and their Capitan Zidane And I hate those racist English like Rooney and those English with big tattoos like Beckham.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Story of Azad university(part II)

This time I want write about details in Azad University.
1-most buildings of this university in different city are projects that students of civil engineering drew them so buildings are similar to everything except building of a university.
2- In each class at least 40 students sit but the class is sufficient to sit only 20 persons. Corridors are so busy because of population of student for this, some students suggest that they can place traffic light to walking in corridors.
3-At least 1 time in during your education your document lost because of bureaucracy.
4-Most tutors and teachers always object that they did not get their salary for months.
I have said that quantity is important every thing in Azad university.
One day ask some body tell 3 lies. He said: azad (free) Islamic university.
It s a famous joke among students of this university.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

This weblog might goes to holiday

Exams are near and I must study lessons that I never read them in duration term .and for this my blog might goes to holiday. But there is a problem that I almost always didn’t care to exams .I know that is a bad habit so I decide to remove this bad habit from myself! But there is a problem again that every year I promised to myself that I do this decision.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

We are still waiting for earthquake

Most people of Tehran are waiting for a big earthquack. Everywhere they speak about it. After earthquake of north of Iran a rumor spread in Tehran that Tehran might shake with a big earthquake.
A scientist in Iran claim that he find a method for predict the earthquake. He says he predicted 4 earthquake before and now he says that in 10 next days tehran will shake . Some sites report that today Consul of national security discuss about this claim.
I hope this theory be wrong for Tehran and be right for predicting earthquake ;)

Monday, May 31, 2004

An uncleric choice as speaker of parliament

Hadad Adel

For the first time after revolution 1979 an uncleric choice as speaker of parliament by new MPs. he is Gholam Ali Hadad Adel .a relative of leader.
I remember 4 years before of these day when reformist MPs wants choice Mohammad Reza Khatom (brother of president) as speaker, conservatives objected that top men of power in Iran have to be cleric because Iran is an Islamic republic!
And with these pressures, conservatives forced MPs to choice Mehdi Karoobi. But u see now that they achieve parliament they forgot their words.
*Personally I agree with this choice because I think it is another step to reform. But I am sorry because...
**I feel my posts are so politically and I think it is not good because of several reasons. One of these reasons is this that my political posts are so stupidly and very simple. So it is better I only study my lessons.

Friday, May 28, 2004

\/\/\/\/ earthquake \/\/\/\/\/

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake shook Tehran and northern Iran on Friday, breaking windows in the Tehran.
it was very exiting and freighting too. I was taking shower that suddenly I feel lamp was shaking. It was my first real experience that I feel an earthquake but I hope it was last.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

For whom we have to be mournful ?

1-Tomorrow 28 May 2004 leader announced that Iran will be mournful because events these days occur in Iraq.
Like torture prisoner.

2-Last day shargh newspaper published a report about selling Iranian young girls in Dubai. Our teacher today only writes on board: we have to be mournful for those Iranian girls.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Most stupid theory about politic

What do you think about poilitic?
Is it dirty? How a person who is out of it thinks about politic.
I have a theory about politic .politic is one of the most important entertaiment in Iran (or in world).
Yes politic is an entertainment like cinema or football.
People interested to find relation between politicians. Fan of This entertainment are frequent. One day more people interested and another day less. We can measure it with selling of newspapers about politic?
I hope Iranian again will love this entertainment!

ps :maybe u think like me this post is bullshit. As I named it is only a stupid theory but anyway it is a theory

Monday, May 24, 2004


People who like cinema of Iran know Mohsen Makhmalbaf and his family.
Last week makhmalbaf published a screenplay that he wrote but government did not allow him to make this script as a film. So makhmalbaf publish it in shargh newpeaper .
it is about a man that lost his sight in war and now he is an strict censor . He employed newsboys for while to read the newspapers for him and he do his duty. He watches! Films and listens to new music for decide that they are appropriate for society or not
Son of the man sentenced to death because he remembers contents that his father bans them. And his wife has forgotten every things she only wants spit in the water!
Critics say that makhmalbaf wants return to his first films .films that people queue to watch them.

Sunday, May 23, 2004


One of my friends (the only person who
read here ;)) told me that your weblog is like Billy Wilder films). .do u
agree with me that it is strangest thing to describe my weblog .

Friday, May 21, 2004

23rd of may 1982 a memorable day for all Iranian

In 23rd of may 1982 Iranian forces took back and freed khoramshahr harbor from Iraqi forces. so this day is a memorable day for all Iranian .I think all Iranian honor for defend their country. all of u know about using chemical weapons by saddam in war with iran. Many of our youth killed in this unfair war. This war really was unfair because most if the world support Iraq .nation of Arab! Clearly support Iraq.
Now saddam arrest by those that someday support him but who arrest who support saddam.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Ali Larijani one of top men of conservatives getting ready for next presidential election in next year so he dismiss from administering of IRIB (Iran broadcasting) by leader.
IRIB is biggest origination in Iran with a massive budget.
They say that IRIB responsible for our culture against Cultural invasion. (Cultural invasion is a word that they make for abroad culture).
IRIB has monopoly in TV and radio in Iran .and had most popular newspaper of Iran also IRIB has one of biggest book and multimedia publisher in Iran.
Reformists say that because IRIB is under control of conservatives they cannot success contact with people. and the only media that reformist have is newspapers that with order of leader most of them close in 2000 year .it is simple to understand that this game is unfair .conservatives have biggest media in Iran and reformist only have a few newspaper.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Areta: lost civilization

channel 4 of Iran TV show a documentary about areta . areta is a lost civilization in 5000 years before in east of Iran. exactly in Jirfot . These days archeologists are working in this region to find and discover more about this mysterious civilization.
Some says that this lost civilization change the history .in Sumerian text arta introduce as one of powerful and greatest civilization.
u will heard more about this grate cultivation in future .
I’m a proud that I’m Iranian. :)
ps: I hope the spelling of "areta" was correct

Sunday, May 16, 2004

when will Iran walk to future?

I am very sad and worry about future of Iran. about next 10 days new parliament in Iran will start its first sessions.
I think all of u know about disqualification of reformist by guardian consul .and by this action the only candidates that remain were conservatives .
people name this action little coup or silence coup.
conservatives in Iran have real power and in fact they are real governor in Iran and reformists are only their toys .
now new parliament will start in 29th of may
again we will back to past.

p.s: I know that this post have many grammar mistakes but I had to write about this little coup.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004



Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I want write about Iran

From last night that I wrote my first post I was thinking about subject that I can write about them here. I think Iran is as good subject to write .ordinary life in Iran. And I think I can be a good reporter from Iran because I am from an ordinary family in Iran .not very rich and not very poor.
Most of Iranian that write in English in web they are from rich family. They have more facilities to publish their thought .so they are majority in net but they are not majority in Iranian society and they are not voice of Iran. Absolutely either I am not voice of my society.

Monday, May 10, 2004

The Lizard

Maybe u heard about the new film that released recently in Iran. Many people waiting
in queue for seeing the film in cinema. It is a comedy film and about a thief
that wear dress of a cleric to escape from police.

And it makes many funny situations for laugh.

But these day many conservatives object to released this film and want stop
releasing film. They say the film ridicule Islam and are like "Satan verse” book
of salman roshdi.

But another group of conservative say that it is a good film and support Shiite

u can read more about this film


story of azad unversity (part one)

i wrote that i study in one of the worst univesity in iran or even in the world.
let me tell more about this private univesity. Islamic Azad Unvesity(IAU)!
founded a few years after 1979 revolution by some major man of jomhori eslami
party for develop high education in iran. after years most of the founder leave
(or seems that they leave) their responsibilty in azad unversity and only one
person donot leave this unvesity . dr.Abdollah jasbi the boss of unvesity form
first day.

azad unversity is biggest unvesity in middle east and almost one milion
studtdent study in this univesity.quantityis always is important than evry thing
in (IAU).becuse quanity bring money for them.nobody knows about (IAU) benefits
and persons that share in benefits!!!

dr.jasbi is one the ambition men in the world he always is candidate for
prsidental race in iran and spend alot of money for advertise himself .but he
never won .

if u go to news center of (IAU) u can always see his pic on top of
web site .

I come from Iran

At last I decided start logging in blogger.
At first I apologize for my English .I know that it is terrible .so one of my goals for writing here is improving my English.
I hope not many people reading here .because if somebody reads this blog I am sure that he /she laugh for my writing.
I think it is better first I introduce myself.
I am 20 years old and study microbiology in worst university in the world. Azad University. Absolutely worst university is in one of worse country .I live in Iran. Yes .

it is so beutifull new costum of blogger .i enjoy it.

Saturday, April 24, 2004