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Thursday, November 04, 2004

we must endure him for another 4 years

Ok. Unfortunately bush again elected as president of united state (or exactly for the first time ;).I really don't understand who Americans that elect bush. I don't think that bush has any special character to be leader of most important country in the world. He fights against virtual enemy .he attack to countries to find WMD .but he lost America enemies in mountain and didn't find WMD in occupied country. he only achieves a country with chaos and a lot of rebels. Any way we must endure him for another 4 years and I wish he will not search to find WMD in another country
ps:Tonight Iran television showed best documentary of year? Yes, Fahrenheit 9/11. (I think it was for the first time that a television show it)
Any way after watching this film I see a lot of new things about this mad man. He only thinks about money and family benefit and oil. I am sorry but i must again say that it was really silly elected him for second time.
And at last :
How we endure him for another 4 years?


Anonymous said...

I agree.

paymane said...

I can tell you who voted for GW Bush. I have lived
among these people. One thing Iranian media conveiently
forgets to tell us, is that Americans are really religious. don't pay attention to stuff on MTV those are things that are going on in New York and Los Angles
and other urbanized places. the heart of america is
in southern and midwestern states like Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, Luisiana. These people are very religious. for a long long time they have been angrily watching all the "unholliness" unraveling around them
Carl Rove Bush's strategist figured he can put some biblical lingo in the president's mouth and mobilize the evangelical christian. Politics and religion are a dnagerous mix. It didn't serve us well. It will not do good for americans either. wait and watch

veggiedude said...

I've posted an interesting map of the "red states" that voted for Bush on my blog today - you may find it interesting. And it might explain to you, in terms that words cannot.

Anonymous said...


First of all let me say this Internet is wonderful thing, this free flow of ideas is what our country is founded on. So you know where I am coming from I did vote for President Bush and am proud of his first term. I know there are many cultural differences between us and I am sure you know much that I do not, but here is how I see the situation as a proud American. Please don’t take any offense; I am not against you in anyway.

My first point is that our “right” is not the same as your “right”. In many aspects the right in this country at this point in time is the reform party. The democrats, whom Kerry ran as, have run this country for the better part of the last 80 years. Sure the Presidents have been both Democrats and Republicans, but a Democrat majority has controlled the congress until this election. When a party maintains control for too long they lose focus on doing what is best for our people and instead focus on doing whatever is necessary to win the elections.

I see the Democratic Party as fighting tooth and nail to maintain their power. That is why propaganda movies like Michael Moore’s Fahenheit 9/11 have been in our movie theaters and why many Democrats refused to let democracy work in the last election, by stating Bush stole the election. Bush didn’t steal the election, he won according to the rules before November 2 and every recount of Florida since has proved Bush won. I am not sure how you feel about communism or socialism, but Moore is a Communist. I have seen the millions killed around the world at the hands of communism and socialism. From the Hitler in Germany to Stalin in Russia and Moa Zedong in China all have use force and propaganda to control their people and murder to silence the people against the government.

I forced myself to sit through Fahenheit 9/11 and I would say that the movie is pure propaganda to undermine our President. The movie was never censored or held from distribution. This is how it works here, the people decide if the movie is a trustworthy source. From the election results I would say America choose. In order to believe Michael Moore you have to have no faith in our country or in democracy itself. Instead of going through the litany of lies in the film here are some sources that go through the lies:

One last point on the movie. Is your television censored? The movie has been used by governments who do not wish to have freedom in their own country and who is very much opposed to the changes President Bush is working toward mainly reform in the Middle East.

The goal in the Middle East is to bring peace through freedom. Many governments in the Middle East are run by corrupt leaders who in order to control their people are very much against free speech. The rest of the world is living comfortable while the incapable rulers in the Middle East hold much of their people down. Our president believes that all people yearn to be free, maybe he is wrong, but I believe it as well.

The first republican President in the United States was Abraham Lincoln and he abolished slavery when it was widely accepted around the globe. Because he also believed that all people yearn and deserve freedom. That freedom is not given to us by the government but by our god. (It does not matter which god or religion you worship, the main point is that there is something above government.)

I share Bush’s faith in Freedom. It is the same faith the founders of this country had. I am proud to be an American, because our founding fathers understood these unalienable truths to be self-evident.

Should the most powerful nation in the world sit idly by while the turmoil is allowed to happen in the Middle East? Because many in our country are unable to see right from wrong, it is quite blurry from the other side of the planet, we have not interfered instead chose to work with many of the governments we despise. I have to admit the countries in the Middle East have also been used by Europe, Russia and the US to meet there needs, but that is the past.

I feel as though Iran is much further along with reform than Iraq was for example. Hopefully the problem will be solved within your country. Well you tell me, is there a problem at all?

When our freedoms are at stake it becomes in our best interest to stop terror. The President sees the root of the terrorism problem the fact that the people in the Middle East are not free. He is doing all that he can to bring freedom to those people. Many democrats in this country do not share this vision, who do you think is right? What should our government do in regards to terror?

I do not live in Iran and I admit I may be all-wrong. In a free society it is healthy to understand how others come to their point of view If you are up to it, I would love to hear yours.

Thanks for listening
Jason from Minnesota, USA

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am a candidate in the MA in International and Intercultural Communication program at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. I am presently working on a research paper for my class, International Communication, whereby I am conducting a discourse analysis on the content of blogs from Iran and written by Iranians overseas.

Thank you, Yasser, for maintaining this blog. You are brave and kind-hearted - a patriot in the purest sense of the term.

I am dismayed to read the comments of the gentleman from Minnesota. He is exactly what is wrong with the Grand Old Party in my country. He points to Abraham Lincoln and the roots of the Republican Party... He clearly does not see, because he has been brainwashed by the filth and blather of Rupert Murdoch and his FOX News Channel and the right-wing evangelical Christian agenda, that the Republicans are so far away from what Mr. Linoln's party was originally about. Please know that there were 55 million Americans who voted against King George, the Lesser. The evangelical right-wing has a radical platform that involves government regulation of the uterus, the bedroom, and my tv screen, but accepts the deterioration of our economic and global political standing around the world. These times in America are dark, make no doubt about it. George W. Bush is not even really the culprit, as he is too dumb to actually devise and implement any kind of scheme. It is those who surround him that worry the intelligent American. And, finally, that poster from Minnesota clearly doesn't even know the history of the party he professes to love: the Democratic has not been in power in the Congress for the last 80 years... In 1994, the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives during the "Republican Revolution" which saw the ascent of Mr. Newt Gingrich, R-GA, to the most powerful position within that governing body - the Speaker of the House. In the 1980s, the two elected bodies of our federal government - the Executive and Legislative branches (the Presidency and the Congress) were, in large part, controlled by the Republicans (indeed, from 1984 - 86 they controlled both the House and the Senate). Look at what we have now and you will see haunting similarities between the times we live in: "the Great Satan", as Reagan called the then-USSR, had to be fought at any and all expense; budget deficits spiraled out of control yet the super-rich got fabulous tax breaks; millions of people lost their jobs and stayed unemployed for longer periods of time than ever before; the list goes on and on.

So, Yasser, not all Americans tout the company line, so to speak (in good old Yankee slang :). One day our two countries will find the common ground that is ever-present and we will establish friendly, mutually-beneficial relationships between our governments and civil societies. Unfortunately, idiots like the guy from Minnesota believe you and your religion are an enemy that needs to be contained and manipulated (I'm sure he also has no clue about our terrible coup of Mossadegh or the propping up of the tyrant Shah Reza Pahlavi) and want to keep us separated. UNfortunately, your government wants the same thing.... It is up to people like you and me, the average among us, to break those walls and act before our governments do something rash.

For what was done in the past, what is done in the present, and god forbid, what may be done in the future to you, your country and your society, I apologize, and do so on behalf of the many millions of Americans who, since GWB launched his escapade in Iraq, been chanting "NOT IN OUR NAME!" May god bless you and yours and may be peace happen in your daily being.

paymane said...

Noam Chomsky has been a keen observer of US domestic and foreign policy. Those who dismiss him, deny themselves a sobering view and proclaim their love for being arrogant and complicit. He does not talk out of an ivory tower, he brings irrefutable facts and logic.
The man deserves to be heard and read.
Here is breathtaking analysis of 2004 Election.
Read it, you can always dismiss it, but read it first
don't worry it won't bite!