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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A fact: Sport is not apart from politic

They recommended that it is good if we excluded Iran from the world cup. Journalists ask politician that dose they agree with this idea or not?
They said: “we are not agree we thought politic and sport strictly apart from each other.
But when Iran football federation invites other countries for friendly matches the story begins.

Federations haven’t any problem for traveling with their football team to Iran but when their government advises that “we think Iran is not a good choice for a friendly match these days.” They refuse Iran’s invitation.
I really don’t understand why they behave like this why they did not understand football is one of rare hobby for Iranian people. So why they want take it from us? maybe because the policy is this :
sport is not apart from politics.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Is it the best?

In other countries the headline of news is about Iran nuclear program and discussion that does Iran must refer to security of consul or not? But here in Iran most of the people are not interesting about this issue a kind of apathy. Really I haven’t any idea that why people are not aware about their future and I think if someday a bomb drop they asked what happen ? but it is very latefor iran!
One of my friends was proud that poor people in far away and poorest villages voted to Mr. Ahmadinejad.
And I’ve thought that does democracy is appropriate for all, for example in developing country that many people suffer from famine and starving and they had to only think about fighting for their life , do they could choose best way for their life? Do they aware of all details that affect on their life?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holocaust denial

When these days Mr. President commence a new holy war! in denying holocaust ,a question begins to tease my mind
Why if someone denies god didn’t commit a crime but when he denies holocaust he must go to jail?
Iran TV says there is a law for this crime in France .does this law is not against freedom of speech?

I really don’t have any idea about holocaust (I don’t deny or confirm it) I also saw movies like paper clips and Schindler's List and really affected on me but …
Why is it a crime?
Update :David Irving Holocaust trial under way