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Monday, May 29, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

1-Iranian Azeris complain to a cartoon which published for children in a newspaper. They claim the cartoon insulting Turks and Azeris people .so for days cities of Azerbaijan province were in chaos.
So another newspaper crack down and cartoonist and editor pf newspaper arrested! More…
2- There were such revolts (ethnic) a few months ago in Arabs and Kurds cities also.
3- A group that claims! Fight for Baloch people rights capture innocent people in far away roads and killed them.

All I see from these tensions more than everything is a conspiracy of foreign intelligence services , they are try to arouse ethnic groups in Iran , a dirty decision for dividing Iran and all because Iran wants being maverick in the world, a silly attitude in modern world .

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hard days are expecting for me

A) These days I tried didn’t care to news, I didn’t read any newspaper try to avoid every thing which keep away me from other aspects of life.
These days I eagerly and regularly!? go to university for the last days ( I'll graduate in the few next weeks) .I also watching 3 or 4 movies every days and I try didn’t think to vague future .
B)if I didn’t write more like before on this weblog it is only because no new subject Blinked to me .everything that I decided to write about it seems that I wrote about it before however here is not as fresh as before !!
I try to keep update my link dump, my link dump consists news and posts on other weblog which are interesting for me so I share them with you to read (thanks Google reader)

Saturday, May 06, 2006


I asked my friends: "Are you agree with the the council which choose supreme leader of Iran?" I added that ”the council which consists from 6 clerics? "
I confidently could say that more than of tow third of them didn’t object to my question that “your question is wrong supreme leader elected by Assembly of Experts?


These days my mind preoccupied by this question? How much people must be aware about their government and who they elected as their leaders?
I believe people more than everything like have an easy and comfortable life in a secure society without any interruption with political tensions?
But how they must observe and supervise activities of their reprehensives in government?
Surely media have a big responsibility about it.(last night finally I saw "All the president’ men).
I recalled about 8 years ago , coincide with election of president Khatami that more newspapers published as he came to office , hardliners criticized this policy and express free media bring more chaos so they try to bring more limitation to media and regretfully they was successful.