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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Birdman of Alcatraz

He was a prisoner like Robert E. Stroudin(Burt Lancaster ) in Birdman of Alcatraz Maybe he escape from prison and now he had to sell all his birds for ....
-Do you think I have fever? ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ridiculous exams

In season of exams I thinly it is good writing something about final exams in university. Ridiculous exams.
I really don’t understand the reason of these exams when most of students didn’t learn anything during term. Teacher has a notebook that belongs to when he/she was student and in class read it for us and we write without understanding in our paper what he read to reading to next generation of students!
Ok now its time for test.
You stayed awake all the night before exam and try to remember the content of the notebook for only exam. Tomorrow in session of exam you answer what u remembered and finally you pass it with a normal score.
but you have not any idea when ask you this lesson that you passed was about what and if ask you a question (that even was in exam and you answered it correctly) u cannot answer because you forgot what all you learnt for exam.
I think something lost in educational system in Iran maybe only one ring or maybe more than one ring.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Duel

This cinema screen "The Duel". It's about Iran and Iraq war. a film with standards upper than ordinary movies in iran.
the woman hasn't any role in this shot ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Do you know Ghazi (judge!) Morttazavi ?
He is young at last 36 and he isn’t tall( maximum 165 cm).his accent… (i'd rather don't stalk about his accent) . but he is very lucky. I remember him from 10 years ago when he was judge of newspapers court.
After election in 1997 we smelled something like freedom there was a lot of new newspapers with new voices but someday someone had a speech and said that he saw hands of traitors in these new presses.
That night the man of our story can’t sleep, he opened all book law that he had and at last he found a law for 50 years ago. The law allowed government arrest criminal! before they commit a crime!Tomorrow morning Ghazi Mortazavi closed about 100 newspapers and magazine with that law.His award for finding this appropriate law! was choose as top man of judiciary of Tehran. Now he has enough power so he uses it to preserve country from foreigners and spies .he arrested Zahra Kazemi who were a foreigner too! (I think all of you know about her fate)
he arrested journalists and helped them think in solitary prisons about what they done against country so all them thought and found that such devil they been before they were a prisoner! at last trick of Ghazi Mortazavi he ordered to all ISPs to block sites like orkut (because it connect spies to each other) free services for blogging like persianblog (they allowed spies wrote information which they achieve in Iran) blogrolling (because it allowed intelligence services found who spy found new information) and many political! and erotic! popular sites like those and if they didn’t block he will block and shut themselves.
Zahra Kazemi Iranian Canadian journalist who murdered in prison .

Friday, January 07, 2005

A dangerus disaese

Yesterday in our university!!! Was a session to protest to something(for example quality of food or….) students gathered on time to protesting .I admit that it wasn’t serious and important but what was important for me was act and behavior of a student(maybe my friend ):
He attended in session and pretended that he is with students.
but half hour later when he saw a Person from security he told him:” if I was a security I Taught them something that never again want protest to something, I had experience like this in 18 Tir “(public protests in 2000 in Iran )
I know that all of his words are bluff and lies (he was ONLY 15 in 2000) but what is interesting for me is pretending what these day Iranian society suffer from it. he pretended that he is on side that students are and then when he saw his benefits are in danger pretend that he is not with student. Many people are like him in Iran because when you pretend and easily change your skin u can achieve money and power .and i think one who pretend didn’t believe to anything... and for this, it is dangerous because when people without it cannot have a comfortable life all of them try to pretend and then society collapse ...
I don’t know that “pretend” is a suitable word or not but if you found what I want to say and know a suitable word please inform me

Sunday, January 02, 2005

New year ,Maybe new blog

every day I open the notepad and I try to write something but I don’t know why I couldn’t .I couldn’t even write a word in English .I don't know write about what and if I knew I couldn’t write it in English(I think I must have another blog in Persian because some words are that I couldn’t translate them).there were a lot of things that I would write about them:tsunami disaster that exactly occurred one year after bam earthquake or about Mustafa Moeen candidate of reformists! (these days reform is more like a joke in Iranian society) for next presidential election or my terrible situation in university and final exams And..
Anyway I hope I could update here more.
Oh I just forgot it:
Happy New Year