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Friday, September 23, 2005

Please first think about your mistakes

They said why educated and intellectual (middle class) people didn’t support their government .why you didn’t defend your government. they said when we(as system) are standing against Europe and US to preserve Iran nuclear peaceful(!)technology achievements why you are silent and only watch what we are doing .they said you must set up a software movement for defend your country, why you don’t write about Iran rights for achieving high technology .why don’t you complain about high technology Apartheid about Iran .
And I think
Maybe they are right but why should Iran stand for 27 years against US for nothing? Or why they lost chances for relation?
Why we are always waiting for a war or sanctions. I am really tired, I want to live as people in other country I want to use best technology in my life but because our leaders standing against US they cannot make chances for their people for a better life.
Why they are not thinking about their mistakes in theses years instead standing?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

How I could be successful?

I decided write a criteria for myself that how i could be success in my life (otherwise I write my advises to myself )
Certainly being success in my view is what I feeling, i mean if only I feel that I am successful is it enough for me so maybe one time when I have
Money I feeling successfully and another time when I am reading a amazing novel!
it is only a feeling
*pls comment that when you feel you are successful and ways that you think it is road to success (pls help me to complete this criteria)
*I think the success and successfully is not exactly word that i want to say anyway i didn’t find the word in English when i was searching my mind .
*i try update this post

1-you have to working hard, if you wake up at 9 of morning and sleep at 10 of the you only achieve nothing in whole of your life
2-if you want to be success you also should studying i don’t mean that you have to studying hard for exams, I mean you must studying hard for what awareness really interesting in it.
3-do not loose any chance in your life because maybe it was that occasion that you waiting for it and it is for changing for your life. But never be so regret for loosing chance because maybe loose another one.
5-never being disappointed because it is a strong poison for your life that could spoil rest of your life
4-always be aware of what happening around you.
5-Shyness and laziness are in inside of me, try beat them because it didn’t allow you to become successes.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mr President goes to new york

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has left for the US on his first foreign trip.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Access to Requested URL is Denied.

Every moment that I face with this ( f..king) error I really felt that I could killed who want take me to heaven with this kind of works.
Why I cannot use useful sites such
orkut , flickr or blogrolling . I am tired that others decide for me that how I must live .
if you can pls help iranian users.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Iran and Katrina hurricane

What is interesting theses days for me in Iran is about how radio and television covered news about Katrina hurricane.
They are insisting in the news that how Bush administration couldn’t help people who suffer from this disaster.
I know that rescue mission was not good in Katrina hurricane. But what they try to say is that if we (as Iran government) face with this kind of disaster we were better.
Anyway I am not forgotten Bam earthquake and I hope never a disaster like Tehran earthquake happen that they want prove their allegation.