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Friday, December 22, 2006

Dictators could died like others

Niyazov passed away .

This man (in the 3 last years )always preoccupied me, .he was symbol of a dictator in my mind even more than Castro in Cuba ,Al-Assad in Syria or friend country! like hosni mubarak in Egypt , Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan , Fahad in KSA* (do you have any schedule about when does president bush wants to bring democracy to friend countries? :)

Turkmenistan is very rich country in natural gas but people suffer from povrty because he was really strange .he forced people read his book ,people even must answer to questions from his book before they could pass an exam for driving licence! ,he send his book to space for aliens ,he named month of year with names of his relatives(his mother.) and more

his death was a shock for me (and for himself!) his death mentioned and remembered to me again even dictators could died very easily and this fact that you never have to forgot hope .

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A honorable man!

Mr president went to Amir Kabir university 4 days after the day named "student day " in Iran .he went to Amir Kabir university ,the university that more opposition student study there ,he went to the university only 5 days remain to election ,he allowed student swear to him and ignite his picture in front of himself ,he allowed also TV showed the secnces.
Why? does Ahmadinejad changed ?does he wants hear the voice of his opposition and regime opposition?dose he had dream last night about how nice is a democracy and about benefits of freedom expression ?
In the last presidential election Mr president on TV begin to tell "how his opponents are bad!! they made for him jokes about he never wash himself and how ditrty he is" he told people how much he is a nice guy and he will forgive all the people who Libeled him in election.
yesterday Mr president also said at the end of his speech ! in univercity that he will forgive all the student who swore him and ignited his pictures!!! what nice president?
we are living in a democratic society and only 2 days remain to election!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Viva minimum reform

Again another election in Iran .

in assembly of experts election I could say that there is not no competing between candidates .they choose 145 clerics candidates for us and Iranian must elected about 86 of them as their representatives in assembly of experts(1.6 candidate for every seat!!!!!!!!) .I prefer ignore this as election and democracy but we are anticipating another election
we will vote in city and village council election this Friday. there is about 500,000candidates in all of the country and I think this election is more competitive .

for example in Tehran there is 3 major list of candidates introduced by political factions :

1- supporters of Mr Ahmadinejad (fundamentalists)

2-supporters of mayor of Tehran Ghalibaf ( technocrats conservative )

3-supporters of Mr khatami former reformist president (reformist)

the first list is a little scary the list consist by names of sister and Godchild! of Mr president. so I must ignore this list and I hope other people do the same because we will not to see worse than condition that we experienced today.

but I have more doubt about the 2 next list , naturally I must support list of reformists but I doubt about it because recently I concluded that a conservative but practical team which believes in development could get more result in Iran because the THE POWER in Iran sees them as friend but think about reformists as insiders and spies of foreign governments!

so I think I will vote to a mixture !!! reformists and technocrats conservative

maybe some ask why I wanna vote? especially when more ! newspapers shout down ,more! sites blocks , more books banned to publish and etc.

I thought about it so much and I saw no more choice for myself ,I must vote and encourage others to vote for changing ,because if for another time supporters and ideology of Ahmadinejad could win another election the condition get worse than today .

so we must use our possibility for even a minimum reform in Iran .

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Do you have a siphon address!? ;)

maybe you heard about new software which released yesterday .

psiphon:a human rights software

it is a software for surfing web freely in censorship countries like Iran with help of other people in outer countries .in the last days they(iranian censors) update their database of banned sites so from today we face more restrictions for visiting sites like wikipedia or feeds on feed burner and youtube or even the site which host pictures of blogger (I couldn't see pictures of my weblog )

so please if you are in free country and have a sufficient connection to Internet please install this software and spread the adrres that the software gives you.

you could email to me (yasget at gmail com) if you have or know a psiphon address!!

please help and let people of countries like Iran or even china to surf Internet and web easily,freely and secure without any fear !


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tow side of a coin

First side

United state military budget is about 500 bilions of dollars . Iran and U.S are enemy for 28 years .

Iran tests missiles which priced hundred thousands of dollars because Iran's enemy have a 500 billion dollars budget and put its army near Iran's boarders .

Iranian official told that Iran have the least military budget among countries of region(?) .countries which are smaller than many cities of Iran . every year they buy billions dollars of military equipment from west because they are frightened from military of their neighbors especially Iran so they try to make the country and the regime more powerfully and put in a Palladium status by buying more weapons and fighter plane .

Other side

Every year many many of people suffer and died from poverty and starvation and diseases .

In Africa thin children for decades are subject of pictures which won top prize of photography completions

In Asia people of many country like North Korea or even India or Pakistan suffer from poverty.

I can feel more suffering in my own country .

in Iran many families live only with trifle government pension (is only 30$ in a month!).many people didn't get any social care service by government...

but still governments forced to spend more military budget because their existence threatened by their enemies (or at least they are suspicious about it.)

when and which ecumenical mechanism could cut this broken cycle ?


I am in a bad mood and so depressed these days (personally!)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Internet story (iranian version)

Today I want told you a story about iranian Internet .
In the first years we had a good chance that Internet publicize in years of presidency of a reformist president ,so I think at least there was thoughts and visions about benefits of this 21st century Phenomenon . so they are trying to developed it ,in the first years there were filtered only erotic and may some radical political sites.but when Internet Generalized more among people,some narrow minded persons in some part of regime in Iran ask they children to what is "this Internet"?! their children show them and they saw a woman without a a scarf!!!!!!! in an advertisement .
so because they have more power than government they force them to filter more sites.
four years passed and Mr Ahmadinejad elected as president .I remembered when asked him "there is a rumor that you will ban Internet when you elected" .he sneer and told "these are only lies of my enemy .my children and my wife use Internet as source for their scientific research!" Did he lie?
5 month later there was more strict filter (American filter ) ,they even filtered sites like BBC .they also presented a new plan for national Internet ,and that time we found a bad smell , smell of lies and Liquidation of Internet and we found they are against any sharing .they only wanna a sound in society .
and today after 15 month after election their is a confidential letter to all companies which provide ADSL line to iranian .the letter told them they have not no any right to give more than 128 k ADSL line to their costumers .
when we asked them why a restriction of speed ? they told people didn't need more speed ,we thought this limit of speed is enough for you . and when asked them what about e-learning or -banking and etc.
they answered :no problem we provide such service by our national network.

At last a quote from Ministry of communication(link is Persian): in the west they have a reverse manner in filtering in compression with us; they filtered ideological contents epically context who belong to Moslems and Islam but in Iran we only !!!!!! filtered erotic and violence contents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really frightend aboutmy iran's feuture.

PS:sorry if this post is long a little Obscurant

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Because Oil is in middle east

somewhere I read that U.S try to assassinate Fidel Castro for more than 600 times .but I never see any news or article or even a hearsay about assignation of Kim Jong-il.

it is really strange for me because this mad man and his father ruined fate a nation(tow nation!) for about 50 years more than any dictator in the world .

in other tyrannies Anyhow at least you could see some aspects of democracy and welfare,but in north Korea you could only see starvation .

so with all of this I wondered why united state attacked to Iraq for finding WMD or try to assassinate Fidel Castro or even why west try to put Iran under pressure for give up instead north Korea as first choice.

why America never focus on Pyongyang.we only hear about north Korea in news when new tests on missile or atomic bomb occur Otherwise there is no news , about people who live there in worst condition in a really real dictatorship. (I never were there but I am sure they are poorest people among people of Cuba ,Syria ,Libya, Iraq or ... )


PS: television of Iran cover news about north Korea especially after recently atomic bomb very interesting ,they reported about a big ceremony by people of north Korea in Pyongyang to appreciated! their Leader .

iran television try to promote him as a big leader for his nation! I really don't know why? maybe they are trying to tell us something! ;)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dangerous iranians!

Maybe it was interesting for you to know that people who live in Iran couldn't download any Google softwares such picasa,Google earth ,Google SketchUp ,... or even Google toolbar for firefox!

Maybe you asked why?

U.S sanction Iran for 27 years ( I am 23years old) and because Google is an American company it shouldn't allow to dangerous Iranians to use its software because...

  • maybe we use picasa to mange pictures of our nuclear bombs .

  • we couldn't use Google toolbar because we may search on Internet "how I could made a bomb?"

  • or maybe we use Google SketchUp to simulate our dangerous nuclear sites in Natanz in 3D.

  • or using Google earth as a tool to see how we could nuke Israel? (we are trying achieve nuclear bombs because we are Iranians and our president is Ahmadinejad!)

what do they think about Iranians that they didn't allow us to use some free software that could be help people to educate their knowledge and thoughts .


P.S:iranian people are suspicious by both sides .government suspect us as a spy or comrade of west and we are suspected by people of outer world!! as an dangerous iranian.

believe me ,it is hard to live in such condition!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Army exhibition in Tehran's square!

i am really busy for next days so i donot think i could update here in short periods. anyways i think it was intersting for you to see some picture from my city Thehran .

1-after 30 days war between Israel and Hezbollah poster and billboards of nasrallah covered all of the city.
2-in anniversary of Iran Iraq war these rockets and missiles are exhibit in one of big square of Tehran . so stop trying to guess that Iran is preparing for a new war!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our right to know restrict, day by day

I really don't know how many times I wrote a post about censorship and restriction of freedom of expression in Iran what that really I suffer about it and upset me more than everything in Iran.

Their attitude is really strange usually for a period of time the leave everything by its own and these days their attack is begin again.

1-they come to our house and ask us to give them our satellites and if we refuse their request, hard punishment is waiting for us.

2-they crack down another newspaper. Shargh most prominent reformist newspaper was crack down yesterday .they close our newspaper which we used to read it every day but today my only choices in news station were governmental newspapers.

3-tonight a subtitle rolls on bottom of our TVs. it was a government statement about Iranian cinema, exactly the day after cinema national day in Iran. The statement says from today movie producers shouldn't advertise their movies on satellite channels Otherwise they banned the movies!

4-Iran have maximum 15% Internet users but limitation of Internet is very strict .they scanned and filtered our requests on Internet. They restricted us in many ways for example:

  1. They filtered hundreds of sites only if views have little different with official views.
  2. They are restricted us on Internet with slow dial ups lines. It is a secret policy in Iran.”High speed lines are only sufficient for government offices or big company. We must restricted people as more as we could so we try the keep expensive charge of using Internet.
  3. some prominent sites which are filterd in iran : flickr,technorati,orkut,youtube,blogrolling and...


Saturday, September 09, 2006

let's know more about a complicated country

Iran former president Mohammad Khatami allowed to enter united state without any insulting acts (like fingerprinting) that U.S behave with citizens of unfriendly countries .

In Iran hardliners called him traitor becouse of his trip , and in the united state many official like governor and senators called him as former leader of a terrorist county .

maybe it was good if I mentioned that Mr khatami have most votes of iranian people as a president ,23 milion vote in first round in front of 9 milion votes of president ahmadinejad in first round(and 17 milion in second round) .Mr khatami also known as an religious intellectual in the many countries.

With all of these facts , what do you think about objections in Iran and U.S to him about his trip? why hardliners in Iran (supporters of Mr ahmadinejad) called a traitor or what kind of persons in U.S could write article like this?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

IRAN is the same PERISA

I assume that situation in Iran constantly leave for a long time like today (Iran nuclear program was in UNSC and a war potentially being a big menace for Iran , also a hard liner government be in power, and like 20 years ago Iran have tension with world but everything is still calm ) .with this situation what must be interesting for a foreigner to visit Iran as a tourist.

please remember I assume that everything is calm and there is no war and chaos like Iraq ;)

Iran is among top ten ! countries which have potentially more interesting points in tourism industry,but with all of this Iran has only 0.3% of all money in tourism industry.

And my question :

Q: what must be interesting for a tourist for visiting Iran?

please answer these question and write any obstacle you think is in Iran for foreigner tourist?

I think I could guess some obstacles for foreigner tourist in Iran, for example :

  1. Iran government is very strict in issuing visa for many citizen of "not friendly countries" .
  2. many limitation in Iran (law or culture of Iranians!?) restrict tourist e.g alcoholic drinks are banned in Iran...
  3. many of people especially in western countries only have an illusion vision about Iran
  4. and ...

maybe it was not a relevant post to what happen these days in the world.but I really ask you answer the question and help me complete these list because it is really important for me and especially one of my friends.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

After 100 years…

Today was 100 anniversary of parliament in Iran .100 years ago after lots of demonstrations and objections by Iranian people . finally the king Mozzafar-e-din Shah convinces to sign order of first parliament in Iran (and Asia).
In Iran this movement called as Revolution.
But after about 100 years this question frequently asked in Iran society and among intellectuals: what happen in these 100 years that Iran couldn’t achieve to a complete democracy and free society?
Iranian experienced at least 3 revolutions in these years every time to starting a new course but after a period of time they see there is not all of they wants form their movement which they tried for it.
Maybe revolt is not a good case for achieving what our society expect (what do you think about reform?). Or maybe Iranians only anticipate a paradise just after every movement so they didn’t t support (or supervise) the leaders of movements for a long time so very soon they disappointed and wants to comeback to past (president Ahmadi nejead is Succeeded of reformist president Khatami)
Or maybe leaders betrayed to hopes of Iranians with fighting with each other for more power
And finally maybe Iranian people are not ready yet for a real democracy.
I really didn’t want to close my eyes to all of signs that Iranians obtain in these 100 years in freedom and democracy , frankly I am really glad that I was born in Iran instead of Iraq ,Qatar ,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan. Azerbaijan, Jordan Oman, Cuba, Syria or many others of U.S allies in the world
But I am upset why I couldn’t experience all of democracy !

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dear politician, pls go to hell

Let’s promise to each other do whatever we could do to stop wars in every part of our planet .
I really don’t want continue this issue but I can not really resist when I saw picture of Qana massacre today. Just close your eyes and imagine how is terrifying when in midnight children who were in hug of their mothers wake up with a horrible sound and with second explosion buried in ruin suddenly.
I have no doubt if such tragedy happens for Israeli residents, Israel government response with a atomic bomb and then US describe it as a self defence operation . but now because these people were second class human now they could sit in security council with enough time and discuses does security council must condemned Israel or not?

Friday, July 14, 2006

I was thinkig that they are different with their Iranian allies

After 2000 I saw Hezbollah as a political party with smart leaders, so I've thought politic and policy is more important for them instead of military action but I really shocked when Hezbollah seize Israeli soldiers
Do they did the operation to supporting Palestine people? But it is obvious that they are responsible in front of Lebanon people more than Palestine and Hamas ? I don't think that they've been so stupid that cannot predict reaction of Israel for such actions. they sacrificed Lebanon peace and calm for what reason? I eagerly anticipte to hear what is answer of Hezbollah to Lebanese .why they provoked Israel monster . Israel bombarded many parts of Lebanon which reconstructed after war by unity of Lebanese so why they must do an operation when every one know about its consequences?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

We condemned Palestinian but...

Israel start to attack to Gaza because an Israeli soldier took hostage by mad Palestinian militant but durning theses strikes only innocent people killed.
One person is captive instead of that they killed palestinian people until the soldier released .
This question always tease mu mind? Why Israeli residents are more important than Palestinian people for international community.
all officals in the west condemned stealing of Israel's soldier but no one never condemned Israel actions against Palestinian . every one ask both side for calm down ,but no one never asked Israel why target residential region ?
It’s seems like everyone accept the rights of Israel to do what they think it is essential for themselves. They even allowed killed kids and women because it is possible they join terrorist groups in future!
PS: in Iran evrtything is same but in a reverse manner : every one condemned Israel and describe all Palestinian as pure innocent people .

Thursday, June 29, 2006

They want invent wheel again

They speak about new sciences. In many speeches they speak about Nanotechnology, biotechnology and of course nuclear technology! (do they know exactly meaning of these logies?)They claim that because these are new science and because we found importance of these science very soon we could achieve to summit of these science easily and then we will become one of most developing country cause of our achievements.
there is no doubt that Bio and Nano technologies will have an important role in next decades and I must admire at least in biotechnology I am aware of many good project s which descriptive in Iran’s universities.
But there is some vague points for example:
1-Definitely achieving new science needs tools, materials and communication with outer world. But when we separate ourselves from others with all kinds of sanctions we couldn’t evaluate our knowledge and method for our goal.
2- who is responsible for this isolation, Iran or others, we accuse them they restrict us from new science and they accuse that we research in wrong way for making biological and atomic weapons ?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Let me recommended you a book for familiarizing you more with Iranian culture. a book which has positive feedbacks these days in Iranian blog sphere *

Funny in Farsi : A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America

”Funny in Farsi” involve 20 humorous short stories written by an Iranian woman who immigrated to united state with her family when she was 7.
The writer more focus on Iranian immigrant society in united state and problems of adaption from both side (Iranian and American problems to accept each other)
The book also depicted Iranian manner with an excellent satire, for example when I read funny exaggerations of writer about his family and compare them with my life and my relatives my laughter was really out of control.
So I recommended you if you still didn’t read this book, don’t miss it because I am sure you will enjoy from houmor of the book
*Every year in mid of may Persian blog sphere is full of book recommendations because of Tehran book fair.

Friday, June 09, 2006


For these days, we‘ve counted days and months for about eight years. We are eagerly waiting for what we experienced in France 98 world cup.
I remembered the night we won the match against USA; streets were packed with people who celebrated until late midnight
That night Iran’s leaders sent messages and congratulated this winning against Iran’s biggest enemy! But the only thing that was not important for us that night was this kind of views to a national victory. We celebrated only for our first victory in a world cup match.
And after 8 years we are preparing for celebrating our next victories in 2006 .
Another prediction from yasser nostradamus :
we will beat all of our opponents and Final match is between ...
any objection?
First match :
we lost first match (mexic3-1 Iran) , we were grate first half , but because we were played only with 10 players (our 37 years old captain was only walking during match) so we lost the second half ,but we are not disappointed yet because we still have 2 match and our captain (Ali Daei ) injured yesterday (thanks god ;)
Second match:
we lost second match too (Portugal 2-0 Iran) and eliminate from world cup. but we still have another match with Angola and we have only one choice to hope that at least we could defeat Angola .
Third match:
it was a boring match:( (Angola 1-1 Iran)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I am smarter!

Mr. President of Iran gets permission! to write a letter to Mr. president of United States .the letter was fulfill with moral and religious teaches for Bush but beyond the letter I think was an important message to U.S and Europeans.
“We finally conclude that its better we negotiate with you instead speak indirectly with you from your European allies. so we are ready to negotiate”
most of the world expects answer of United States to this request: "They want to negotiate with you why you are hesitating?"

Ok, now it is turn of united stat to act, their response was this: "We are ready to join direct multilateral talks with Iran on its nuclear programme if Tehran suspends disputed nuclear activities. "

Iran for about 2 years when Mr. khatami was president of Iran suspended all its enrichment activities but united state didn’t accept to negotiate directly. but now that Iran halt suspension and its propaganda for Iranian says "we never accept any suspension ", I think it is a good trick to drop the ball in iran 's field but I pessimistically think is also an unfair trick to flee from a diplomatic solution on Iran nuclear dispute .

My predictions:
Iran will not accept 5+1 incentive proposal simply .but I also predict in next few month Iran and US finally seat on one desk! (Sorry if the sentence is wrong!) and negotiate after about 30 years .

Monday, May 29, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

1-Iranian Azeris complain to a cartoon which published for children in a newspaper. They claim the cartoon insulting Turks and Azeris people .so for days cities of Azerbaijan province were in chaos.
So another newspaper crack down and cartoonist and editor pf newspaper arrested! More…
2- There were such revolts (ethnic) a few months ago in Arabs and Kurds cities also.
3- A group that claims! Fight for Baloch people rights capture innocent people in far away roads and killed them.

All I see from these tensions more than everything is a conspiracy of foreign intelligence services , they are try to arouse ethnic groups in Iran , a dirty decision for dividing Iran and all because Iran wants being maverick in the world, a silly attitude in modern world .

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hard days are expecting for me

A) These days I tried didn’t care to news, I didn’t read any newspaper try to avoid every thing which keep away me from other aspects of life.
These days I eagerly and regularly!? go to university for the last days ( I'll graduate in the few next weeks) .I also watching 3 or 4 movies every days and I try didn’t think to vague future .
B)if I didn’t write more like before on this weblog it is only because no new subject Blinked to me .everything that I decided to write about it seems that I wrote about it before however here is not as fresh as before !!
I try to keep update my link dump, my link dump consists news and posts on other weblog which are interesting for me so I share them with you to read (thanks Google reader)

Saturday, May 06, 2006


I asked my friends: "Are you agree with the the council which choose supreme leader of Iran?" I added that ”the council which consists from 6 clerics? "
I confidently could say that more than of tow third of them didn’t object to my question that “your question is wrong supreme leader elected by Assembly of Experts?


These days my mind preoccupied by this question? How much people must be aware about their government and who they elected as their leaders?
I believe people more than everything like have an easy and comfortable life in a secure society without any interruption with political tensions?
But how they must observe and supervise activities of their reprehensives in government?
Surely media have a big responsibility about it.(last night finally I saw "All the president’ men).
I recalled about 8 years ago , coincide with election of president Khatami that more newspapers published as he came to office , hardliners criticized this policy and express free media bring more chaos so they try to bring more limitation to media and regretfully they was successful.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

All of us are responsible to prevent a new war

These days I see many articles and posts on blogs and even many videos about possible attack to Iran.
I really don’t understand why a new war is amazing for you (me?) .all of us knew about consequences of war.
so what ? Are you missed for moments that you sat on your couch and while drank your hot coffee and watch CNN which covered crossing of coalition soldier through desert?
Are you missed?
I guess many people in the west never heard horrible sound of a missile when it explode .
but me and my generation heard its sound when we were only between 2 or 3 . we’ve learned counting because we must count explosions to found when Iraqi fight planes exhausted form dead full bombs or you never being worry about does last explosion hurt any relative or not ?

So please only once go and only heard a real explosion then begin to predict dose we must attack or not? Or maybe when you heard the sound you conclude that must join to an anti war movement.
I think everybody who didn’t try to refrain a war is responsible for all lives in the war.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ordinary man wants to be different

Favorites of mine of characters are persons like Dustin Huffman in Rain man Or characters of J. D. Salinger like Holden Caulfield and Glass Family. The geniuses with IQ more than ordinary people, who found vain of many subjects and interests in the world and suffer form Hypocrisy in their society .
I think smart characters are adorable by everyone because all of us assume that we are intelligent and genius.
But today I want to admitted that after 23 years I found I am not genius ,I am like you with normal IQ (sorry Einstein) or you are like me ,ordinary man.
what about my EI* ?
But I also wish to be different with others. But how I could be when my IQ is like others? Maybe being jolly makes difference or Seclusion or even being clumsy (ordinary man did not want to be clumsy)...
So what makes differences? Thinking like nobody?
*These days Emotional intelligence really takes my time, i think about it and its affect on my life for many hours)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

When Mr. President fooled me!

This morning
All newspaper published : "very good news about nuclear program for Iranians in coming days" Mr. Ahmadinejad says.
i was glad and thought that finally everything will be ok and negotiations with u3 finally wrap up in a win-win condition.
Thanks Mr. President you avoid a war cause of a future of Iran you will be as a hero in history.
it is a big ceremony, all official gather in a big salon to hear good news from Mr. president. All channels of national TV (how painful is living in a country with only governmental and restricted media?) and radios cut their programs and show this historical (they said) ceremony live.
“I officially announce tonight that we could enriched uranium until 3.5 percent so from now we are 8th member of nuclear club” Mr. President said

What? It was your very good news, but what about deadline of Security Council .don’t you have any good news about it. Maybe enrichment of uranium was important for many people but a modern Iran in peace , good relationship with the entire world and no tension is more important for me.
Why we must always be in tension in iran?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

We prayed , they closed heaven doors

After years I decided experienced climbing mountain what many people in holidays experienced it in Iran, but a horrid fate anticipating us.

All member of our small group were purely 100% armature due to we decided climbed to highest point of the tough mountain!

but suddenly everything changed to white and only when i closed my eyes i saw another color ( black) , for about half of hour we confined in a heavy snowstorm with thunder and lighting in the highest mountain of Tehran .snow covered footsteps of mountaineers so even we don’t know through which way we must go. Those moments I think all of us found a supreme power in my minds so we walked and asked him/her to survive us.

So dark cloud ceased dropping his harvest to us and we survived.

*One of member of our group suddenly slides down on the rigid rock but ...

Don’t worry everything is ok (thanks god).

*we walked continually for about 11 hours.

*I am regret that why I did not take more picture of those moments (maybe because my hands were frozen)

*I wrote this post to record this memorable day and to remember always this fact that I have a god.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cute monster has new weapons

*United stat is the first and only country which used atomic bombs in a war.
*Army of United stat used one of its colorful agents in Vietnam War so even these days many of people suffer from this monster-making agent.
*Depleted uranium which used in American bullets is factor of many cancers in Iraq.
*I also heard many terrifying stories about army's labs in u.s.

So how people of world s must believe U.S President who claims he sends American soldiers to other countries for fighting with terrorists and free others from tyrannies.

The fact that United States is the biggest threat to humanity now, is something we all brush under the carpet. from ARTICLE: Of Iran, bombs and geography

Friday, March 24, 2006

A picture

one of my pictures from south

In my journey to south of Iran I was with some guys who were real symbols of supporters of Iran's regime.( maybe you heard about Basiji) .they want be like people who fight with Iraqis in last years. They wear like them ,they have beards like those and they are trying being as kind as those people.
Maybe I was an insider among them because we have many diffraction in our beliefs but we were good friends all the journey (they never found my ideas. ;)
I also must confess many of them are smart and intelligent persons, they were aware of world conditions and many of their analysis about world and Iran nuclear dispute were really interesting for me .
*But I also must said I faced with some persons who were really ignorant about what is going on around them.
For example one of them did not know differentiation between Security Council and board of governors but he argued with me that nuclear technology in any condition is Iran absolute right.(I even think he did not know differentiation of IAEA with FAO or UNESCO).
Or another one told me why we must connect to internet through Dubai! *In Iran number of dial up lines begins with 971 that is also is world code of UAE so he thought we dial Dubai when we want connect to internet (he exactly mean this, not another reasons like Iran ,UAE optic fiber line )
So such people like them in the journey frequently asked us to pray that god perish America and Israel.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Detesting war; I want to live in peace

Persian New Year is nearing, so the streets are filled with people shopping for new clothes, fruits and other delicious foods.They are reluctant to think about what is waiting for them in the coming year. Maybe next year everything will remain the same as today and yesterday... or maybe war, long queues (due of sanctions), the death of children (due to undernourishment caused by sanctions), and warning sirens (from missile attacks) are expecting us in the New Year.

I forgot that next year the World Cup is also waiting for us ;)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

In possible war Do and How I must be as brave as those?

Iran nuclear dispute sent to Security Council and I am going to south Iran for the second time where Iran -Iraq war occurred there. They speak and show us how young people like us in 20 years ago with courage fight with enemy and we must influenced on their speeches and … on the way to back home maybe many of us are thinking how we must to be as brave as those (about 1,000,000) martyrs in the new possible war.
ps:i really respect who defended my country from sinister army of saddam .
My last year post

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When Mr president became a sportsman

MR PRESIDENT went to stadium and and spoke with players of national team about world cup and mentioned that in world cup players must say to all of the world that:
Nuclear energy is our certain right.


Iranian women are not allowed to attend actual matches which are held in the coliseum.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ideology blinds you

A weblog which cover news and developments about smarra explosion by students from Qom Hawzah .
I really cannot figure out how moslems!? could do such actions? Even he was a Sunni Moslem.
It is hard for me to believe

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Be National

We must have for everything a national version AND I really don’t understand why. We have national car, national engine, national dress, national plane, national media and….

Most of these nationalities are not economical but they are still persisting on this policy:

So ladies and gentlemen I introduce you our last product
National internet (N.I)
Yes even our internet is national .we want to spend 1 milliard $ for set up this amazing internet for you in Iran.
We want when ever we decide switch off Iran connection with outer world without any disrupting in our E-government services (yes we know and have E-Government in Iran) .
With national internet (N.I) there is no need for yahoo or Google for you. We have national chat rooms in (N.I) that we could guide you in these rooms. What? You need international! Internet for researching?
- Why don’t you use books like 20 years ago?
With N.I there is no need we waste our money for buying filtering software from American companies for blocking sites which detour you from our heaven .
With this example you found how N.I is important for our Independence:
when you email a letter or request for a Iranian site there is no need that letter or the request first goes to united state (because we have not backbone and hosting ) and read or record by CIA agents then comeback to Iran . In N.I only our agents read your letter and record your activates on the net.
- So please support us in this national project for more independence from the west countries
many sites block in iran ,sites that are not nor poitical or neither erotic
BBC persian

and a lot of personal weblogs.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who is the nuclear? Is she beautiful?

Yesterday for the first time I went to stadium for a soccer match, It was a good day with a lot of fun and excitement.
In stadium easily you heard insulting to others and I must confess it has a lot of fun when I called players or referee “stupid” (maybe I must go to a psychiatrist) ,others insulting too but their swears were what that maybe I never heard before .
What was interesting also for me was that these people (most of them between 15-30) that only healthy entertainment for them is watching soccer in stadiums whenever the match became boring start to shouting

Nuclear energy is our certain right.

“This slogan is a common slogan in today of Iran. Maybe it must be natural when a populist goverment run Iran.”

Anyway …

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I forget to say

What I would write for a long time about them :
1- I don’t doubt that behavior of other countries about Iran’s nuclear program is unfair and many of their pleas from Iran is not logical but I also believe Iran’s tactic in facing this crisis ( especially in recants months) is not logical either.
2-I think my comments about people may become like views of a foreign journalists who visit Iran (a kind of exaggeration) so please mention that my views are not involved all the people.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Because of freedom you can insult me

I really bewildered when i see these paradoxes. if newspaper reprint these offensive cartoons about PROPHET MOHAMMAD for insisting that they have freedom of speech so could you in comments put a link to a newspaper that printed an offensive cartoon about Jesus ?
Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Update: when i saw attack to embassy of Denmark in Damascus i said to myself i am sure such action never happen in Iran. but today when i saw people climbed form wall of Denmark embassy i really embarrassed .

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A fact: Sport is not apart from politic

They recommended that it is good if we excluded Iran from the world cup. Journalists ask politician that dose they agree with this idea or not?
They said: “we are not agree we thought politic and sport strictly apart from each other.
But when Iran football federation invites other countries for friendly matches the story begins.

Federations haven’t any problem for traveling with their football team to Iran but when their government advises that “we think Iran is not a good choice for a friendly match these days.” They refuse Iran’s invitation.
I really don’t understand why they behave like this why they did not understand football is one of rare hobby for Iranian people. So why they want take it from us? maybe because the policy is this :
sport is not apart from politics.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Is it the best?

In other countries the headline of news is about Iran nuclear program and discussion that does Iran must refer to security of consul or not? But here in Iran most of the people are not interesting about this issue a kind of apathy. Really I haven’t any idea that why people are not aware about their future and I think if someday a bomb drop they asked what happen ? but it is very latefor iran!
One of my friends was proud that poor people in far away and poorest villages voted to Mr. Ahmadinejad.
And I’ve thought that does democracy is appropriate for all, for example in developing country that many people suffer from famine and starving and they had to only think about fighting for their life , do they could choose best way for their life? Do they aware of all details that affect on their life?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holocaust denial

When these days Mr. President commence a new holy war! in denying holocaust ,a question begins to tease my mind
Why if someone denies god didn’t commit a crime but when he denies holocaust he must go to jail?
Iran TV says there is a law for this crime in France .does this law is not against freedom of speech?

I really don’t have any idea about holocaust (I don’t deny or confirm it) I also saw movies like paper clips and Schindler's List and really affected on me but …
Why is it a crime?
Update :David Irving Holocaust trial under way