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Friday, November 30, 2007

I wanna be apathetic but…

My weblog is restricted by my isp (wrongly or by purpose !)and it is so hard FOR ME to write in a weblog that cannot access to it .

these days media(weblogs , newspapers and even governmental radio and tv) are really under pressure by government of Mr. Ahmadinejad .the govement is trying very hard to controlled circle of press in society, for example they arrested a blogger who write for the first time about dogs of security team of Mr. president in his blog.

sometimes I told to myself "don’t think to these bullshit anymore ,leave Mr. president to himself, let him and his men to do everything the wish, leave your country to him and let yourself enjoy many things which are waiting for you!!!”

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Competition to watch more!

when you are alone in a big house naturally you have more time to watch movie and read the books which you haven't enough time to read and watching them before.

I also started to watch some American series .first season of ugly betty full seasons of sex and city and also 2 seasons of desperate housewives.

last night I watch a weird movie ."Life of others" a film about eastern Germany and secret agents of national security of DDR .the film won Oscar of foreign movie this year.

I have the same feelings that I had after reading 1984.

I really confused and bewildered after seeing similarity of this movie with where I am living .

in film you hear exactly same quotes about country and society and serving to your country with helping to government ,also same agents who have a top access to every angle of life of other people to protect "the country" or similarity of being few model of cars in streets in both countries.

and ...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yasser: a soldier robot

Oh my god. I cannot even remember when was the last time I log in on blogger(83 day).
From the day I enter to army I lost my sense to everything (my
weblog,my book,my studies and... Every early morning I wake up, put on my clothes and go to garrison.
I've lost my interest to everything.I feel I am continually forgot my
knowledge (for example my English getting worse or I feel I am forgetting what I learn in university for 4 years) I am a robot now.
Today I am thousand kilometer away from home I must live alone for 2 year away from my family.
I also I miss my computer ,my PC these days is a nokia6630 which I
surf the web and I am writing this post with it

Monday, June 25, 2007

Life as a soldier

It is about 2 month that i did not write anything here .it have 2 reason
first :Iran restricted another site . It is about 2 weeks that we could not access to without anti filter software!!!!!!!!
second:-it is about 2 month that i am a soldier in Iran's army so most of the nights i sleep in Garrison.
serving in army as a Iranian soldier:
life as a soldier it is complicated, a mixture of fun ,hard life ,friendship ,unreasonable orders(at least for me as a new solders ), Exhaustion,hope,anguish,Desire and ...
first days remembered for me "Full Metal Jacket" movie .they treat with us a little tough and we must endure them but after tow weeks i get used to my new life and even i enjoy it(absolutely they were not as tough as before ) . everyone found new friends and we made our gangs and group separately although we were still a big team !

maybe to be continue...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Full Metal Jacket

Monday, April 02, 2007

Bad Terrorist, Good Terrorist

1-He and his group with honor beheaded people and recorded it while his followers read Quran in the scene (May you could find the movie on YouTube)

2-He and his group blow up the bus of employee when they are going to work (he was said the employee worked for revolutionary guard!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3-He and his group banned the road and arrest people and shooting and killed them on hole they dig beside the road.

This person is Abdolmalek Rigi the first terrorist in Iran .he accept the responsibilities of all these actions that I wrote here.

I am sure all of you accept that such actions only is terrorism.

But last night the television which reflect U.S policy (VOA Persian service) interviewed with such sinister person as "Leader of resistant movement of people of Iran". The host called his "Mr.Rigi". And Mr.Rigi explained how he and his group resisted against Iran government with killing people ! He even told that we haven’t enough money so please give us more money to do more Operation! In Iran we could do even more than 3 Operation in Iran every month!!!!

Dear American

You must be honor that that your government honestly is involved in war on terror.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Stupidly and Childish

Iraqi port Fave taken on Iran border by me!!!! :D

1. In Iran it is a tradition political prisoners confess in front of camera and broadcast the confession on TV .also Iranian people remember many apology letters from prisoners who were regreted.

Most of these persons when get out from Iran told that they forced to the confession and writing apology letters

It is an old trick that nomore anybody in Iran fooled by it.

2. With all of these facts I really don’t know how I could analyses confession of U.K sailors on TV. I really cannot figure out who ordered to do this stupid response by Iran against pressure of west.

They show UK sailors confession .the captive says words which are like translation of Iranian officials .woman captive everyday wrote a letter which are more similar to letters of Mr. President to Mr. Bush or the letter who he wrote to people of America!

Sincerely I never imagine that Iran acts such stupidly and childish. Iranian persons who run and moderate this crisis are really similar to attitude of followers of Mr.ahmadinejad and his theories.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Master and Oscar

2 years ago i wrote a post that why academy always ignore martin Scorsese' masterpieces and why never give him Oscars that he deserve fhim (for example academy chose rocky instead raging bull in 1980)
But this years I am so glad that academy members read my post! and decide finally give him one of that golden statue .
Ps: I must confess that after watching "million dollar baby" and "The aviator" i concluded that Clint Eastwood' movie was better than the aviator.

Monday, February 05, 2007

False propaganda

if your an American citizen today I wanna told you a fact about your government . VOA or voice of America (Persian service) are wasting  your tax money these days.

VOA Persian service television is not a neutrally media for Iranians rather is a media full of lies and news that is not reflect truth.and its programs are more comedy instead a real political program.

VOA also covers Iran news extremely darkly like Iran official television (tow end of a spectrum) but I belive that everything is grey (not white not black)

people who run  the TV which board casts Washington policy ! are some Iranian men and women that last memory of them from Iran is about 30 years ago when they fled form Iran after revolution and clearly supports monarchy and the last kingdom  density of Iran (Pahlavi).

many Iranians when get  tired from boring TV programs of IRIB and decide to see a comedy program they watched VOA TV programs and laugh to experts who speaks about Iran in roundtables.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I have to ...

 1-saddam was executed .Arabs and Sunnis says  saddam was killed by shias(Iran) and U.S.

2-everybody speaks about  probability a new war between Iran and U.S.A.   president bush decided to send more american soldiers   and setup patriot missiles in Iraq as a new strategy !!!!

3-officials of Iran and U.S speak about each others  more hostilely than before .

4-every man in Iran has to serve for his country for  about 2 years,  today I registered myself for military service.