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Friday, December 22, 2006

Dictators could died like others

Niyazov passed away .

This man (in the 3 last years )always preoccupied me, .he was symbol of a dictator in my mind even more than Castro in Cuba ,Al-Assad in Syria or friend country! like hosni mubarak in Egypt , Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan , Fahad in KSA* (do you have any schedule about when does president bush wants to bring democracy to friend countries? :)

Turkmenistan is very rich country in natural gas but people suffer from povrty because he was really strange .he forced people read his book ,people even must answer to questions from his book before they could pass an exam for driving licence! ,he send his book to space for aliens ,he named month of year with names of his relatives(his mother.) and more

his death was a shock for me (and for himself!) his death mentioned and remembered to me again even dictators could died very easily and this fact that you never have to forgot hope .

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A honorable man!

Mr president went to Amir Kabir university 4 days after the day named "student day " in Iran .he went to Amir Kabir university ,the university that more opposition student study there ,he went to the university only 5 days remain to election ,he allowed student swear to him and ignite his picture in front of himself ,he allowed also TV showed the secnces.
Why? does Ahmadinejad changed ?does he wants hear the voice of his opposition and regime opposition?dose he had dream last night about how nice is a democracy and about benefits of freedom expression ?
In the last presidential election Mr president on TV begin to tell "how his opponents are bad!! they made for him jokes about he never wash himself and how ditrty he is" he told people how much he is a nice guy and he will forgive all the people who Libeled him in election.
yesterday Mr president also said at the end of his speech ! in univercity that he will forgive all the student who swore him and ignited his pictures!!! what nice president?
we are living in a democratic society and only 2 days remain to election!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Viva minimum reform

Again another election in Iran .

in assembly of experts election I could say that there is not no competing between candidates .they choose 145 clerics candidates for us and Iranian must elected about 86 of them as their representatives in assembly of experts(1.6 candidate for every seat!!!!!!!!) .I prefer ignore this as election and democracy but we are anticipating another election
we will vote in city and village council election this Friday. there is about 500,000candidates in all of the country and I think this election is more competitive .

for example in Tehran there is 3 major list of candidates introduced by political factions :

1- supporters of Mr Ahmadinejad (fundamentalists)

2-supporters of mayor of Tehran Ghalibaf ( technocrats conservative )

3-supporters of Mr khatami former reformist president (reformist)

the first list is a little scary the list consist by names of sister and Godchild! of Mr president. so I must ignore this list and I hope other people do the same because we will not to see worse than condition that we experienced today.

but I have more doubt about the 2 next list , naturally I must support list of reformists but I doubt about it because recently I concluded that a conservative but practical team which believes in development could get more result in Iran because the THE POWER in Iran sees them as friend but think about reformists as insiders and spies of foreign governments!

so I think I will vote to a mixture !!! reformists and technocrats conservative

maybe some ask why I wanna vote? especially when more ! newspapers shout down ,more! sites blocks , more books banned to publish and etc.

I thought about it so much and I saw no more choice for myself ,I must vote and encourage others to vote for changing ,because if for another time supporters and ideology of Ahmadinejad could win another election the condition get worse than today .

so we must use our possibility for even a minimum reform in Iran .

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Do you have a siphon address!? ;)

maybe you heard about new software which released yesterday .

psiphon:a human rights software

it is a software for surfing web freely in censorship countries like Iran with help of other people in outer countries .in the last days they(iranian censors) update their database of banned sites so from today we face more restrictions for visiting sites like wikipedia or feeds on feed burner and youtube or even the site which host pictures of blogger (I couldn't see pictures of my weblog )

so please if you are in free country and have a sufficient connection to Internet please install this software and spread the adrres that the software gives you.

you could email to me (yasget at gmail com) if you have or know a psiphon address!!

please help and let people of countries like Iran or even china to surf Internet and web easily,freely and secure without any fear !