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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bitter votes

I Never think that someday I force to vote for Hashemi because I terrify another one (Ahmadinejad)
These days in Iran people are frightening many scared about what may happen in next days and many wrote letters: "we support Hashemi in second round election only because we want to say NO to fascism.” A big contradiction in Iranian society.
Lucky mayor decided separate women and men from each other in society (like park, taxies, university classes, and elevator) because he wants protect them!
He also dream that will Execute an economic plan that he named it “Islamic economic”. This plan is like what that be in communism countries.
At last, a strange theory that I read somewhere:
With fraud in election, they brought Ahmadinejad for second round as rival of Hashemi Rafsanjani, because if someone like Moeen second round all of people vote for Moeen instead Rafsanjani.

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Bayan said...

Hello Yasser, I recently commented on one of your other blogs. Again I am a student in a University in America. I would like to know if the rules that separate men and women in parks, schools, elevators and other public facilities still enforced now? And why does it seem that you are very upset about having this separation? From the blogs I have read that you have previously written, it seems that you may be a liberal Iranian and you believe in change and westernization, but do you mind elaborating further why it bothers you so much to have this separation of the sexes.