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Sunday, June 05, 2005

We are waiting for a national celebration

This Wednesday in Tehran will be an important match between Iran football team and Bahrain.
And if we could beat Bahrain for third time in history of FIFA world cups qualify for this biggest football festival.
President Khatami promised that will attend in stadium on Wednesday. We are getting ready for a street celebration and I hope celebration be without any chaos that happened in Iran in such happenings.
I can see a big celebration on Wednesday night.
Please pray for us that we could beat Bahrain (it is very possible and simple) but if we lose the match (that Iranians are professional to do things which are impossible) I predict turn out in election decrease below 20%.
I put a logo in beside of the page to say i will vote for Dr .Moeen.and it said ONLY MOEEN it linked to Nasim . Awebsite from youth who also want vote for Moeen. But if You don’t know Persian don’t click on it.

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