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Saturday, June 18, 2005

French presidential election in 2002 repeat in Iran

Birds are spinning on my head. The result is really confusing . election go to second round with Hashemi Rafsanjani (that was predictable) but when i found who is his rival, birds start to spin:
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, mayor of Tehran who is a real extremist conservative.
It is as a nightmare .I really didn't want president of Iran be a man that is like :he never wash himself. And I did not want when in west, claimed that iran support terrorism he was symbol of it.
I will predict in second round, lucky mayor have a more easy challenge with Hashemi Rafsanjani because all supporters of conservatives will vote for him in a big coalition.
At last, I really fell that Iran will be a prison in next months if this ever worst choice became president


badnewswade said...

Amazing, underneath the cultural differences it's so much like our system it's unbelievable. In our election (Britain) we had a choice between a right wing conservative (Blair) and a very very right wing conservative (Howard). Many people wanted a liberal reformer, but the system was set up in such a way that they couldn't get them.

Quite a trick... on the face of it we've all got our "democracy" but in reality you're choosing between bad and worse.

Of course, the Americans had it even worse than that- they actually got the extreme conservative, thanks to vote rigging. But the thing is before you even vote the system is stacked against people who want reform. :-(

Hope this doesn't get you into trouble

nick said...

hello. i'm very scared to hear your opinion of these developments, but your opinions on current affairs in iran are extremely interesting and thought-provoking.

i wonder if you've ever heard of a show called the daily show? it's a "fake news" show on the american comedy central channel. it's very funny and unbiased, but mostly liberal. it's very popular with young people and liberals...hard to describe exactly what it is, but sometimes it seems like the only american media outlet that makes any sense.

anyway, there was an interview a few nights ago with a guest named kenneth timmerman who has written a book about iran-u.s. relations. the first part of the interview was about iranian society, and the second part was about the case for war in iran. he makes some very strong (and in my opinion hard to substantiate) claims. i would be very interested to hear your opinions on this interview.

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keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Something about Ken Timmerman:
he wrote a book about the arming of Iraq as well. And funny thing is: it's all about the French selling weapons to Saddam but not about the U.S.