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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Thanks god. We finally qualified for the 2006 world cup. It was very exiting after the match most of people get out from their homes and wants to be a part of this frenzy celebration. It was like the revolution, which we saw its films in television for yearswith this difference that all of people be in streets not for changing system they were in streets for celebrating a national success even if somewhere this celebration be more like a chaos.

Yesterday match also have other benefits. About 30 women in a civilized movement sit in front doors of stadium and demand and resist on their rights for watching soccer like men in stadium and at last they success again .


Darnell Clayton said...

Congradulations! It would be cool if you guys made it all the way into the World Cup match! It is great to hear some good news out of Iran that everyone can appreciate! :)

Brunhilde said...

Good for them! Why should the women miss out on the fun?