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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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Farshid Faraji, an independent Iranian cameraman, who was arrested by the American military forces in Iraq,” is missing. Faraji, who entered Iraq on May 2nd, 2005 with valid visa and proper documents to complete the filming of the documentary, “In Search of Cyrus, the Great,” does not appear on the Red Cross list. While the Red Cross has registered the arrest of Koroush Kar, the producer of the film, there is no information available about Farshid Faraji’s whereabouts.After shooting scenes in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Turkey, Faraji and Kar entered Iraq, in order to film the historical site of Babylon, but lost contact with their families after the first week of entering Iraq.
Koroush Kar contacted his family and notified them that the he and Faraji were arrested on May 19th, 2005. Farshid Faraji’s family, who is gravely concerned about his safety, has not been able to find any information about Farshid from the Red Cross and the Iranian authorities.Iranian filmmakers and advocacy groups are putting pressure on the Iranian government to take appropriate steps to find Farshid Faraji.
We are asking the United States government to provide Fashid’s family with information about their son’s arrest. We believe that while Farshid is being interrogated, his family has the right to know about his status and his whereabouts.Thank you.

People who are concerned about Farshid Faraji and his family


Anonymous said...

I am more concerned about Akbar Ganji's faith.

Please stop harassing the US government and start harassing the IRI government.

Besides it will change from your usual posts which clearly demonstrates your very low IQ.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the comment above--I believe your blog is insightful, eloquent, and intelligent. Futhermore, I enjoy reading things from your perspective. As an American, I do not perceive your blog as "harrassment" towards the U.S. government. Everyone has the right to criticize any government, and those who condemn this right should be eyed with suspicion.

These views are YOURS, and they are please, ignore the idiot who wrote the comment above; he/she of all people should not speak of low IQs.

P.S. Your English is improving! Good job.

Low IQ said...

Everyone has the right to criticize any government but should start at home.

What is suspicious is the priorities.

Anonymous said...

Dear Low IQ,

Maybe people should be suspicious about your overreaction to the post.

Also, hint: trying to personally degrade the object of your criticism does NOT boost the credibility of your point. You simply look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

Why would any Iranian in his right mind be in Iraq right now anyways? Does this joker like to live dangerously or what? What a fool!