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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Knowledge

I really suffer when I saw people who have not enough knowledge to analyze what happen in society and politics these days in Iran.
Many of them believe Ahmadinejad as opposition leader! Especially who have fewer facilities for an easy life and suffer from poverty.
so its predictable when they believe lucky mayor when he objected to some injustices relation in governmental system .they think he is right and is a man from god who want execute justice in society.
but they never think that he is belong to some parts of POWER in Iran which many of these kind of injustice is because of them . They are who lost in 1998 election, but today they are changed their old clothes and came with a new suit.
maybe you said I am insulting people because my candidate failed in the damn election but it is a fact in Iranian society. a society with 67 million population has only 1 million newspapers every day or books have maximum 3000 copy , Only 3.5 million access to (low speed) internet and Only media, which is simple to access, is governmental radio and television. With these facts, it natural when ordinary people dose not understand those complicated words that reformist say for people and they never try to simplified their thoughts for people.


Alborz said...

boycott the vote, take away the regimes legitamcy. hashemi is no better than admadinejad

Anonymous said...

hi, there.
I just hope that Iran would not be put back another 10 years by this guy,,, Ahmadinejad.

Amrit said...

I see you're studying microbiologie, are books of men like William Hamilton and Richard Dawkins (The Selfish Gene) known/available to you, or on your university?

Oh, about writing english, don't worry.

Amrit (Holland)

Anonymous said...

There were no reformists in this election to vote for. The two candidates were two sides of the same coin, both under the control of the Mullahs.
If you want freedom, you will have to fight for it. When will Iranians get mad?