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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Why Hashemi become popular among some people in Iran again?

In Iran if you asked people their opinions about Hashemi Rafsanjani, Most of them said: he is ..., he and his relations stole Iran property, and he is godfather of a real mafia.

However, when you asked them: Ok, now which of these candidates you are going to chose as president? many answered: I think I will vote to Hashemi!
I really don’t know why? maybe they think cause Hashemi was one of few man in top level of power in Iran for last 25 years and also he has a independent character in front of supreme leader that is not like other conservative who do what leader order to them . maybe when he again be in executive position it was better than if progressive reformists (that Dr.Moeen reprehensive them ) win election because even if they can success in election they cannot do any thing cause THE power didn’t allow them destroy what they could built for themselves in these years. However, Hashemi is from themselves and is a trusted man so he never betray to them.
Any way nothing it is clear until 17 June, and I hope that day all of predicts will be wrong and Dr.moeen became Iran president for next 4 years.
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Rosa said...

hey!!! well my opinion about the things u said in this entry is that... i think the reason why people say " ya umm i think i'll vote for Hashemi" is that they are afraid of trying new things. i mean who would do this if he wasnt afraid of trying new tings? like who would choose someone who was already the president of Iran for 8 full years???? thats stupid and i think thats the only reason people in iran dont choose another condidate. they dont know what would happen if they choose for example moeen but they know Hashemi well.
i probably wont vote for anyone... because im not in Iran and i think dont actually have the right to choose a president for Iranians inside iran when i dont even live in there...i better vote for Canada's parliament because those are people who will have an effect in my life and i think its an extremely wrong thing when people out of Iran can choose a president who wont have any effect on them...

Rosa said...

oh... i forgot to introduce myself. im an 15(almost 16) year old girl from Canada, Ottawa. u can laugh at me if u want because people think people under legal age ( that is mostly 18 but sometimes 16 for some other things in Canada but legal age for voting is 15+ here) are kids but no we do have political opinions and stuff and we do understand things...
by the way ur english is good ;) i read ur profile and i dont think ur bad in English...u r better than most of the ppl who think they know English WELL but actually dont know anything.. at least ur not pretending to know English ;)
well i talked too much i guess...
good luck and byebye ;)