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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Green miracle is alive

After about 3 month in tension we are spend calm days  in Iran or it is better i say situation in Iran is more like  a big fire underneath of ashes . many  people are in prison including  ordinary people and leaders of oppositions and many journalists.

oppositions newspaper are shut down and some few that are still published are under heavy pressure and their content must approved by authorities before they could send their newspaper to print house for publishing.

government TV and radio which are the only legal TV and radio station in Iran are broadcast  protesters and oppositions  courts widely and show to the people these decent men and women in pajamas who are confess against themselves and their beliefs exactly after tow month that they were held  in sole cell in prison . every night they shows special reports that try to convince people that there were not any fraud in election ,there were not any systematic torture or rape!!!! in prison ,they were not shooting to people in demonstrations !!!!

maybe you cannot see more protest in street but you can reads slogans in green on the walls of streets  or on phone booth or you could see green bands which are  hang from green trees in parks or every day you could listened to more songs and read  more poems or watch more green movement  clips!! on YouTube  or other sites on internet in support of green movement in Iran and even   you could see people are speak  about  a mass protest in an annual  governmental demonstration in favor of Palestinian people but they want wear green show “V”  with their hands.

as i said the situation are like a fire beneath of ashes like what the world saw as how  millions of people held  biggest demonstration in Iran  exactly one day after election without any media and organize it only on internet with their Twitter and Facebook accounts in protest of fraud in election and what they experienced in past by Iran's leaders.


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