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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Murderers

They killed more than 200 people in only one day...


blank said...

why shouldn't they? just because hammas cant shoot their rockets straight doesn't mean the israelis have to tolerate 1000's of rockets . hammas asked for it, let them have it.

allieuvm said...

My name is Allie and am a student at the University of Vermont in America. I am 20 years old. I know you have not written in your blog lately because you have joined the military but I had a few questions/observations. I am curious as to why you decided to join the Iranian military. I was reading your past entries and we have something in common. I also really like the book 1984. So I guess I am having a difficult time understanding why you would join the military if you have been so against your government’s censorship and restrictions of the internet. You mentioned a few times how the situation in Iran seemed very similar to the plot of 1984. It seemed to me that you are a very educated man and have a lot of strong opinions about your government so why did you decided to fight for the things you are against? I am not trying to be rude, trust me I respect people who feel it is necessary to fight for their country but it seems like such a contraction to all of your past posts.
Thank you for your time,
Allie G.

Unknown said...

please, we need a million signature for this petition

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is a great blog of yours, I'm also an Iranian abroad and our website address is . Please feel free to visit and let me know what you think for a link exchange.


Unknown said...

I lived in Iran 31 years ago during the revolution that overthrew the Shah and it really saddens me to see the streets of Iran flowing with blood as it did then. I, like most of the people brave enough to be demonstrating against the clearly stolen elections, had been hoping to see Iran become a democratic country where the rule of law is applied, the voice of the people respected, and the rights of free and open communications with the outside world a right.

How do they justify blocking some websites, text facilities and freedom of speech. Fortunately I've found a way round it and text freely with my Iranian friends through a service called Go to their site and you'll be able to send texts and your contacts in Iran will be able to receive them as it's internet based.

Good luck to you all. I am so looking forward to returning to the country that, but for the past 30 years upheavals, I would still be living in.