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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big lost

100,000 people gathered in Azadi stadium for  watching a football match between Iran and Saudi Arabia .Mr.president and his friends are there too. Iran coach is Ail Daei a famous football player in the past but an unpopular celebrity because his arrogant personality  among people.the match end and Iranians experienced one of most angry nights in the history because of a big lost.

Iran lost the match for the first time  versus an Asian  team in Tehran (especially an Arab team)  and lost most of the chance for FIFA word cup in 2010 .

I wrote before that the situation of Iran is no more interesting for me and i give up for everything and let MR president and others to do whatever they want to ruin everything in Iran .and the match was a symbol  of what they did in past 4 years in Iran for many people in Iran.


Jon said...


I am worry about you. I hope that you are support for Mousavi!

GO Free for Iran!
June 21, 2009

Isaac Pereira said...

Why did you stop to write? What do you think about the latest events in Iran? I am writng this to you after saw in shock the images of Neda Soltani killed by the Ayatolah and Ahminejad. Yes! They are the real killers!!!

Isaac Portugal