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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where is My vote?

people ask me why i don't write here more especially when Iran is in all of headlines in the world .first of all my weblog is filtered in Iran and then i must confess i wrote a long post in favor of Mousavi before election but good or bad that post accidentally deleted and my silence on my weblog continue .

i voted to Mousavi and to camping for him and tried convince more people to vote for him but it was really hard especially in the district that i live in Tehran, our district is downtown and here many people supported for Ahmadinnejad , here and in villages and small towns ahmadinejad are so popular among people because his campaign speak about corruption!!!in last 30 years so people who suffer from poverty and injustice in their social life see him as a hero .

so victory of ahmadinejad was predictable but what is so mysterious is the number of votes that every candidates could get for example no one could predict Ahamadinejad win election with 24 million vote and Karoubi only get 300,000,000 votes.

anyway results was very mysterious and at least 30% of voters to mousavi came to streets, people who most of them are educated and and want a modern life .they protest with silent rallies for their votes but Government could not tolerant for more than 4 days and on 5th day they repress people violently .they use basij militia to restrain protesters .basij is a people organized militia in Iran and many people who are loyal to revolution are registered in this militia ,so as you see government repress a segment(at least 30%) of own people with another part of people in Iran society and this is what i am scared from it . they are trying spread hate among people in Iran .they try to say protester are belong to up level people from uptowns and others who votes to Ahmadinejad are middleclass people and “It is a confrontation and war between poverty and wealth” and this is very dangerous for future of our society.


Anonymous said...

Thought you were gone forever.

No person should be brutalized or murdered because they have a silent protest.

If the government says they represent Allah (God to me) they would be wrong then, wouldn't they.

God doesn't tell us to kill people who disagree with our opinion.

I hope the people of Iran can one day be free.

I wish I could read Farsi because much of the twitter traffic is in that language.

Josh said...

Take heart--the world is watching everything it can find out about your brave people and we are with you. Take heart, know that it may take time, but you will overcome the brutality and cruelty that has surrounded you.

The world is watching, even when things seem quiet. Be brave and be safe.